Show 034

The following program aired Dec. 22nd on WRIU

Tristan Murail ~ Le Lac
Arlene Zallman ~ Nightsongs
Henri Pousseur ~ Trois Visage de Li ège
Valgier Sigur∂sson ~ The Winter Sleep
John Matthias & Nick Ryan ~ Cortical Songs (G. Prokofiev Brian Bumper remix)
Ingram Marshall ~ Alcatraz
Justin H Brierley ~ Re: Manipulated Sounds
John Cage ~ 4'33" (Mr. Scruff remix)
Adrian Knight ~ 20 maj.
Syzygys ~ Ammonite Dream
Steve Tibbets ~ Night Again
Andrea Peitsch ~ You Can't Drink Christmas Away
Bob Dylan ~ Must Be Santa
Mojochronic ~ Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light)
Grandaddy ~ Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland

Show 12/15

The following program aired on Dec. 15th on WRIU

Dr. Ruth ~ Little Red Riding Hood
Erin Huelskamp ~ Misfortune
Vince Raikhel ~ Mobius Ascent
Nico Muhly ~ Keep In Touch
John Luther Adams ~ Drums of Fire, Drums of Stone
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ Songs my Mother Taught Me ~ C. Ives
Daníel Bjarnasson ~ Bow To String
Corey Dargel ~ Ritalin
Sam Sadigursky ~ Rain
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Treasure
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Signals
Chas Smith ~ The Ghosts on Windows
Adrian Knight ~ Pink Pamphlet II
Asphalt Orchestra ~ The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive-Ass Slippers ~ C. Mingus
Univers Zero ~ Apesanteur
Tom Waits ~ We're All Mad Here
Arthur Russell ~ Home Away From Home
Scott Ordway ~ Piano Quintet #1
Eric Nathan ~ Three by Three

Carter special

The following program aired on Dec. 8th on WRIU

Elliot Carter
~ Symphony #1
~ Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Piano
~ Concerto for Oboe
~ Tempo e Tempi
Dave Brubeck ~ Blue Rondo a la Turk
All of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Played At Once
Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800%

Show 033

The following program aired Dec. 1st on WRIU

Max Grafe ~ A Ribbon of Unbroken Sky
Tristan Murail ~ Winter Fragments
Fausto Romitelli ~ Flowing Down To Slow
Steven Gorbos ~ Plunge
Art Jarvinen ~ Murphy Nights
Amy Horvey ~ Marionette Lazarus
Sarah Kirkland Snider ~ Penelope
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ String Quartet #1, 2nd & 3rd mvmt. (Max de Wardener remix)
Steven Mackey ~ Gaggle & Flock
Owen Pallett ~ Flare Gun

Show 031

The following program aired Nov. 17th on WRIU

Jennifer Higdon ~ Violin Concerto
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Hyper-Ballad ~ Björk
Arthur Russell ~ Losing My Taste for the Night Life
Sam Sadigursky ~ Wistful
Newspeak ~ I would Prefer Not To
Nico Muhly ~ One Day Tells Its Tale To Another
Górecki ~ String Quartet #3
Mozart ~ Andentino ~ arr. by Christopher Cerrone ~ perf. by Red Light Ensemble
Frank Zappa ~ The Black Page Suite ~ Calefax Reed Quintet
Tod Dockstader ~ Water Music

Leaving the stream of warm impermanence*

Things have been mighty quiet 'round this spot on the ol' Interwebs dial, but I figured I'd check in and let y'all know what's goin' on.

First of all I'd like to apologize for the lack of playlists. As some of you may know I returned to school this semester and got my first taste of what that does to a person's time. I promise to have the last month's worth of playlists up by next week at the latest, but I need to do a little information gathering before I post them. I'm also planning on doing some updating to the site while on break, including new links and finally adding links for ensembles and performers.

But the big change is I have decided to no longer air my show on the Vineyard station. Music for Internets will continue as usual every Wednesday 10am~12:30 EST on WRIU Kingston, RI but will no longer be available Sunday and Monday online. Instead, I will be focusing my attention on providing podcasts of the show.

Well my fellow Indie-Classical Hipsters™, that's the news of the day. Remember to keep your ears wide open and don't piss on the electric blanket. Trust me.

*For those of you following along at home, yes, I will always make a Bowie reference when there are ch-ch-ch-changes afoot.

Show 030

The following program aired 11/3 on WRIU and again 11/7&8 on WVVY

Balmorhea ~ Winter Circle
Nico Muhly ~ Music Under Pressure pts. 1 and 2
John Richards ~ Suite for Piano and Electronics No. 2 ~ GéNIA
Janus ~ Drawings for Meyoko
Amy X Neuburg ~ The Tattoo Song
Oscar Bettison ~ Take Leave of Carnal Vain Delight ~ Ensemble Klang
Frank Zappa ~ Nap Time ~ Ensemble Moderne
William Brittelle ~ Television Landscape
Steven Mackay ~ Dreamhouse ~ BMOP
Newspeak ~ Sweet Light Crude
Bob Ostertag ~ All The Rage ~ Kronos Quartet
Harry Partch ~ Exordium: The Beginning of a Web

The following only aired on WVVY
Lou Harrison ~ Suite for Violin and American Gamelan

Show 029

The following program aired on 10/27 on WRIU

Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra
Newspeak ~ B&E (With Aggravated Assault) ~ comp. by Oscar Bettison
Nico Muhly ~ Salty Dog
Tod Dockstader ~ Two Moons of Quatermas
Transit ~ + ou - ~ comp. by Daniel Wohl
Janus ~ Gossamer Albatross
Hybrid Groove Project ~ HGP Anthem
Andrea Parkins & Jessica Constable ~ Harrow
Amy Horvey ~ Interview
Mikel Rouse ~ Gaza Strip Mall (Get Happy)
Final Fantasy ~ I'm Afraid of Japan
Vittorio Ghielmi ~ The Morning Dew
Arthur Russell ~ Sketch for the Face of Helen
Jack Gallagher ~ Diversion Overture
DBR ~ Lava
Paul Lansky ~ Threads ~ perf. by So Percussion
Interview with David Hoose, artistic director of Cantata Singers
Charles Fussell ~ Heavenly Voices ~ perf. by Cantata Singers

Show 028

The following program aired 10/22 on WRIU and 10/24&25 on WVVY

Virgil Thompson ~ Three Pictures for Orchestra ~ BMOP
Victoire ~ The Diver
Janus ~ Keymaster
Nico Muhly ~ Expecting the Main Things from You
Jack Gallagher ~ Symphony in One Movement
Daníel Bjarnason ~ Skelja
Jack Vees ~ The Restaurant Behind the Pier
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Kyle Gann ~ Bud Ran Back Out

The following aired only on WRIU

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

The following aired only on WVVY

Gabriel Prokofiev ~ String Quartet #1
Even Ziporyn ~ Tire Fire ~ Gamelan Galak Tika
Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #1

Show 027

The first hour of this program aired on WRIU on 10/13 and WVVY on 10/17 &18

Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Cities scene 6
Eric Nathan ~ Spires
Arthur Campella ~ C-Proposition ~ Momenta Quartet
Beata Moon ~ Piano Fantasy
Sir Richard Bishop ~ Zurvan
Dither ~ Vectors ~ comp. by Jascha Narveson
Oscar Bettison ~ Lights In Ashes

The following aired on WRIU on 10/13

Interview with Missy Mazzoli including the following recordings
Louis Andriessen ~ Bells for Harlem ~ BMOP
Victoire ~ A Door into the Dark
Arthur Russell ~ Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun
Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
Victoire ~ The Diver
Victoire ~ India Whiskey

Interview and live performance by Blevin Blectum

The following aired on WVVY on 10/17 & 18

Dominick Argento ~ Jonah and the Whale ~ BMOP w/ Providence Singers
Virgil Thompson ~ A Joyful Fugue ~ BMOP
Satoko Fujii & Carla Kihlstedt ~ Remainder of One, Remainder of Two
itsnotyouitsme ~ We are malleable, even though they seem to own us
Wet Ink Ensemble ~ American Tokyo Daydream IV (Data Structures/Monoliths) ~ comp. by Sam Pluta
DBR ~ Sonata for Violin and Turntables Part 1

Show 026

Irwin Bazelon ~ Suite for Marimba ~ perf. by William Moersch
John Luther Adams ~ Deep and Distant Thunder
Gyorgy Ligeti ~ String Quartet #2
Danielle Schwob ~ Mehr Licht ~ Syzygy New Music Collective
William Brittelle ~ Vivid Culture
Oscar Bettison ~ Bone Chapel ~ Ensemble Klang
So Percussion and Matmos ~ Water
Sam Sadigursky ~ Fruit
Virgil Thompson ~ A Solemn Music ~ Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Sarah Kirkland Snider ~ The Strange with the Face of a Man I Loved
Cordâme ~ La Route De La Soie
Man Man ~ 10 Lb. Moustache
Tom Waits ~ 9th & Hennepin
Moondog ~ Invocation
Dither ~ Cross Sections ~ comp. by Lisa R. Coons
Gavin Bryars ~ Cello Concerto "Farewell to Philosophy"

Show 025

John Cage ~ Sixteen Dances ~ Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Julian Wachner ~ Landscapes
Dither ~ Pantagruel ~ comp. by Joshua Lopes
Satoko Fujii & Carla Kihlstedt ~ Remembering Backwards
Andrea Parkins & Jessica Constable ~ Elegy
Oscar Bettison ~ O Death ~ Ensemble Klang
Aaron Helgeson ~ If Where Is Of To Why
Corey Dargel ~ Toes
Sarah Kirkland Snider ~ Circle and the Hanged Man
Newspeak ~ Sweet Light Crude ~ Live at MATA 2008
Red Light New Music ~ Ives Songs
Julia Wolfe ~ LAD

Show 024

Adam Schoenberg ~ Fleeting Thoughts of an Architect ~ Syzygy New Music Collective
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing
Toru Takemitsu ~ Nostalgia
Valgier Sigurdsson ~ Past Tundra
Ingram Marshall ~ Kingdom Come
Corey Dargel ~ Castration
Medasyn ~ 'Non'step Remix of G. Prokofiev's Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra
Mira Calix ~ Roundabout
Victoire ~ I am coming for my things
Paul Lansky ~ Aria II ~ So Percussion
DBR ~ The La La Song
Tin Hat Trio ~ Width of the World
Peter Zummo ~ Fresh Batteries
Owen Pallett ~ Scandal at the Parkade
Brian Eno ~ Sombre Reptiles
Kronos Quartet ~ Tashweesh
Muslimgauze ~ New Iraq
Matthew Mendez ~ Riff Raff
Beata Moon ~ The Secret
Stephanie Rearick ~ Man Who Stole Tomorrow
Christopher Cerrore ~ Invisible Cities scenes 4 & 5
Gyory Ligeti ~ Trio, "Hommage A Brahms"
Balmorhea ~ Steerage and the Lamp

Show 023

The following program aired 9/8 on WRIU and 9/12 & 13 on WVVY

An Die Musik ~ Little Red Riding Hood ~ narrated by Dr. Ruth
Erin Huelskamp ~ Misfortune
Vince Raikhel ~ Mobius Ascent
Nico Muhly ~ Keep In Touch
John Luther Adams ~ Drums Of Fire, Drums Of Stone
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ Songs My Mother Taught Me ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Daníel Bjarnason ~ Bow to String
Corey Dargel ~ Ritalin
Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
Sam Sadigursky ~ Rain
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Treasure
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Signals
Chas Smith ~ The Ghosts On Windows
Adrian Knight ~ Pink Pamphlet II
Robert Sirota ~ Triptych
Michael Daugherty ~ Deus Ex Machina

Show 022

Aired 9/1 on WRIU and 9/5 & 6 on WVVY

Ted Hearne ~ selections from Katrina Ballads
                       Dennis Hastert - 8.31.05
                       Bridge to Gretna
                       Anderson Cooper and Mary Landrieu - 9.1.05
                       Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job
                       Interlude 2
Ronnie Reshef ~ Nine Sketches After Ammons
Felipe Lara ~ Tran(slate)
Scott Wollschleger ~ Blue Inscription
Maestro Subgum and the Whole ~ Lullaby From A Weird Place
Victoire ~ The Diver
Corey Dargel ~ There Is No Cure
Vittorio Ghielmi ~ The Morning Dew (Sunrise and Dance)
Ingram Marshall ~ Rave ~ perf. by Libby Van Cleve
Germ Rework ~ GéNIA
So Percussion and Matmos ~ Cross
Valgier Sigurdsson ~ Beyond The Moss
Stephanie Rearick ~ Sonnet Entitled How To Run The World
Asphalt Orchestra ~ The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers
Univers Zero ~ Apesanteur
Tom Waits ~ We're All Mad Here
Arthur Russell ~ Home Away From Home
Scott Ordway ~ Piano Quintet No. 1
Lee Hyla ~ At Suma Beach

Show 021

*note: from now on the Sunday/Monday WVVY broadcast will be the same program as the previous Wednesday's WRIU program except where noted.

The following playlist aired 8/25 on WRIU & 8/29&30 on WVVY

hour 1
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Zomby Woof ~ comp. by Frank Zappa
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Hip-Hop Remix of 1st Movement of G. Prokofiev's String Quartet #1
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Shard
Timothy Andres ~ Paraphrase on a Theme of Brian Eno
John Luther Adams ~ The Circle of Suns And Moons
György Ligeti ~ Melodien
William Brittelle ~ The Color Of Rain

hour 2 on WRIU 8/25
Tristan Perich ~ 1-bit Symphony
Bang on a Can All-Stars ~ 1/1 from Brian Eno's Music For Airports
Eve Beglarian ~ Landscaping For Privacy

hour 2 WVVY 8/29&30
Ricardo Romaneiro ~ : Synthetic Mosaic :
Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music

hour 3
Daniel Bjarnason ~ Processions

WVVY only
Louis Andriessen ~ Symfonie Voor Losse Snare

WVVY playlist 8/22 & 23

Michael Fiday ~ Hands On!
Alarm Will Sound ~ Mt. Saint Michel
Jody Redhage ~ Paint Box ~ comp. by Anna Clyne
David Amram ~ Travels for Trumpet & Orchestra
Lawrence Dillon ~ Entrance
Don Byron ~ Basquiat
Balmorhea ~ En Route
Brian Eno ~ 1/1 ~ perf. by Bang on a Can All-Stars
Annie Gosfield ~ The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory
Tristan Keuris ~ Concertino for String Quartet and Clarinet
Matthew Welch ~ Enantiomorphs
Syzygys ~ Mawashi
Henry Cowell ~ Ongaku
Timothy Andres ~ I Found It By The Sea
DJ Spooky ~ In Sea of C
Robert Wyatt ~ Sea Song
Jack Vees ~ Tattooed Barbie

WVVY playlist 8/15 & 16

Lisa Bielawa ~ Double Violin Concerto
Lou Harrison ~ Suite for Percussion
Perry Goldstein ~ Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Water
William Brittelle ~ Sheena Easton
Jack Vees ~ Stigmata Non Grata
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ 'Crate Diggin' remix of Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
ETHEL ~ The River of Our Times ~ comp. by Amanda Shackleford
Tin Hat Trio ~ Light Black From Pole To Pole
Tom Waits ~ Russian Dance
Mira Calix ~ The Cord Is Cut
Corey Dargel ~ There Is No Cure
Univers Zero ~ Straight Edge
Christopher Cerrone ~ Music For Chameleons
Johnny and Faith ~ Love Without Borders
Gray Code ~ Topsy's Hawser
DBR ~ The Need To Be
Julia Wolfe ~ LAD
Robert Wyatt ~ Alifib/Alifie
Nadia Sirota ~ Etude 1A ~ comp. by Nico Muhly

WVVY playlist 8/8 & 9

David Rakowski ~ Persistent Memory
Jefferson Friedman ~ String Quartet #2
Florent Ghys ~ Simplement
Build ~ Imagining Winter
Erling Wold ~ Mordake
Elliot Carter ~ Sonata for Cello and Piano
Annie Gosfield ~ Four Roses
Mira Calix ~ Bowling4strings
DBR ~ Lava
Tin Hat Trio ~ Osborne Avenue
Phil Kline ~ Exquisite Corpses

ETHEL feature

The following show aired July 28th on WRIU and Aug. 1st & 2nd on WVVY

Tan Dun ~ Pipa Concerto
Balmorhea ~ Bowspit
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Flame
Christopher Stark ~ Augenblick
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Pulse March ~ comp. by Tyondai Braxton
Tom Waits ~ Gospel Train/Orchestra
Maestro Subgum & the Whole ~ Bamboo Guru
Gabriel Kahane ~ Today I met...

Interview with Mary Rowell including the following recordings by ETHEL

Hear My Prayer
The Man Who Knows Misery
The Blue Room III

selections from OSHTALI: (~ composer)
Here's the Hurt ~ Katelyn Duty
Enough ~ Courtney Parchcorn
The Devil's Advocate ~ Katie Barrick

from Truckstop Project:
The Importance of Water
Ray of Son

Lucky's Charm ~ Johnothan Bomboy
The Seven Seas ~ Dylan Bennett
Sigur ~ Stasen Whitehead

Eric Nathan ~ Icarus Dreamt
Polina Nazaykinskaya ~ Winter Bells
Christopher Hobbs ~ Aran
Kyle Gann ~ So Many Little Dyings
Eve Beglarian ~ FlamingO

WVVY playlist 7/25 & 26

Ingram Marshall ~ Soe-Pa ~ perf. by Benjamin Verdery
Lou Harrison ~ Three Pieces for Gamelan and Soloists
Mira Calix ~ Memoryofamoment
Steve Layton ~ Villa of the Minor Apocalypse
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Ptoccata
So Percussion and Matmos ~ Needles
DBR ~ Sonata for Violin and Turntables part 6
Lukas Ligeti ~ Entering: Perceiving Masks; Exiting: Perceiving Faces
Eric Nathan ~ One Voice
John Harbison ~ Exequien For Calvin Simmons ~ perf. by BMOP
Gavin Bryars ~ Cadman Requiem
Michael Gordon ~ Trance
Christopher Cerrone ~ Cornkind

WVVY playlist 7/18 & 19

Ted Hearne ~ Mass for St. Mary's
Eric Nathan ~ Cantus
Steve Reich ~ Electric Counterpoint
Christopher Stark ~ Ignatian Excercises
Julia Wolfe ~ Believing
Balmorhea ~ On The Weight Of The Night
Gabriel Kahane ~ Half a Box of Condoms
DBR ~ Spaceships Over Haiti
Theo Bleckmann & Kneeboby ~ Like A Sick Eagle ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Jeff Snyder ~ Traceries ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Fred Frith ~ One Never Knows Do One?
Arthur Russell ~ Lucky Cloud
David Lang ~ Slow Movement ~ perf. by Icebreaker
Morton Feldman ~ The Viola In My Life
Ken Ueno ~ On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis
QQQ ~ Swimming Under Moonlight

WVVY playlist 7/11 & 12

Evan Ziporyn ~ Amok! ~ Gamelan Galak Tika
Mira Calix ~ Wedding List
Phil Kline ~ Everywhere ~ perf. by Lionheart & ETHEL
Lisa Bielawa ~ Synopsis #10 I Know This Room So Well ~ Jennifer Slowik
Kronos Quartet with the Alim Qasimov Ensemble ~ Getme, Getme
Peter Zummo ~ Rocket Scientist
Mark Dancigers ~ Cloudbank ~ NOW Ensemble
David Lang ~ How to Pray
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski ~ Concerto Nicolo for Left Hand and Orchestra
Ingram Marshall ~ September Canons ~ perf. by Todd Reynolds
Gavin Bryars ~ By The Vaar
Syzygys ~ Pallade
Brian Eno ~ Though Hollow Lands
Owen Pallett ~ Oh Heartland Up Yours
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Final Motif
Arthur Russell ~ Eli
Bolot & Nohon ~ World Axis

07/07/10 playlist WRIU

Guest DJ classical blogger Daniel Johnson

Ligeti ~ Viola Sonata
Bresnick ~ Everything Must Go

Silvestrov ~ I have forgotten the word I wanted to say
Jarrett ~ Spheres 7

Tüür ~ Meditatio
Battiato ~ Legitto Primo

Mazulis ~ Cannon Munsurabilis
Moondog ~ Sandalwood

Dargel ~ Keep Repeating These Words
Adams ~ American Standard

WVVY playlist 7/4 & 5

Lisa Bielawa ~ In Media Res ~ BMOP/sound
Mira Calix ~ Laine
Phil Kline ~ Credo ~ perf. by Lionheart & ETHEL
Glenn Branca ~ Movement Within
Corey Dargel ~ You Can Say A Prayer
Amy X. Nueburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Be Careful
Erling Wold ~ What Have You Done?
Rasputina ~ Christian Soldiers
Terry Riley ~ The Cusp of Magic

06/30/10 playlist WRIU

Terry Riley birthday tribute:
Music for the Gift
Poppy Nogood & the Phantom Band
Church of Anthrax ~ John Cale & Terry Riley
Lil Jonny Nogood ~ djBC mash-up of Lil Jon & Terry Riley
Evan Ziporyn ~ Tire Fire ~ Gamelan Galak Tika

Mira Calix ~ Bowling4strings
John Luther Adams ~ Thunder
Phil Kline ~ Cark Was The Night ~ perf. by Lionheart & ETHEL

Julia Wolfe ~ My Lips From Speaking

Lou Harrison ~ Suite for Cello and Harp

Charles Wuorinen ~ String Trio

WVVY playlist 6/27 & 28

William Thomas McKinley ~ R.A.P. ~ perf. by BMOP
David T. Little ~ Sweet Light Crude ~ perf. by Newspeak
Tyler Capp ~ Stranger Variations
Timothy Andres ~ Night Jaunt
DBR ~ Slowly Fooled
Kyle Gann ~ Sunken City
Eve Beglarian ~ Landscaping For Privacy
Absolute Ensemble ~ Peace
Rachel's ~ Air Conditioning/A Closed Feeling
Amy X. Neuberg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Difficult
Rasputina ~ How We Quit The Forest
Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores ~ Overhang
Jack Vees ~ Surf Music 2
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ In The Mornin' ~ comp. by Charles Ives
itsnotyouitsme ~ Throne Build For The Past
Nico Muhly ~ Honest Music
Kronos Quartet ~ Wa Habibi (Beloved)
Dirty Projectors ~ Two Doves
Danielle Schwob ~ Breathing Underwater
Grandaddy ~ Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland

WVVY & WRIU playlist (week of 6/20)

For this week's shows I ran a Bang on a Can feature including an interview with BoaC co-founder Julia Wolfe so I aired the same show on both stations. The following programming aired June 20th & 21st on WVVY and again on June 23rd on WRIU

Alarm Will Sound ~ Mt. Saint Michel
Syzygys ~ Makekoshi Night
Dave Douglas ~ Charms of the night sky
DBR ~ Divergence
Max Grafe ~ Moon Cycles *world radio premiere
David Amram ~ Theme and Variations on "Red River Valley"
Build ~ Magnet
Jody Redhage ~ The Egg ~ comp. by David Hanlon
Vampire Weekend ~ I Think Ur A Contra

Bang on a Can feature
Julia Wolfe ~ Lick
interview with Julia Wolfe
David Lang ~ Cheating, Lying, Stealing
Evan Ziporyn ~ Head 2/Scene 1
Michael ~ I Buried Paul
Florent Ghys ~ Clignotants
Burkina Electric ~ Mdolé
Univers Zero ~ Three Days
Lisa Bielawa ~ Synopses #11 It Takes One To Know One ~ written for and performed by Robert Schulz

The following works only aired during the WVVY broadcast

Balmorhea ~ Steerage And The Lamp
Bon Iver ~ Babys
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Terry Riley's House
Terry Riley ~ A Rainbow In Curved Air

WVVY playlist 6/13 & 14

Marc Mellits ~ Fruity Pebbles ~ perf. by Real Quiet
Alarm Will Sound ~ Cock/Ver 10
Wet Ink Ensemble ~ Shiverer ~ comp. by Eric Wubbels
Nick Didkovsky ~ She Closes Her Sister With Heavy Bones
Gavin Byars ~ One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing
Lou Harrison ~ String Quartet Set ~ perf. by Kronos Quartet
Balmorhea ~ Remembrance
Jody Redhage ~ Warning Song ~ comp. by Ted Hearne
Arthur Russell ~ This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Tin Hat Trio ~ Red Hook Stoop
Univers Zero ~ Retour de Foire
Harrison Birtwistle ~ Five Distances for Five Instruments
Don Byron ~ Show Him Some Lub ~ perf. by Bang on a Can All-Stars
Syzygys ~ Pallade
David Rakowski ~ Piano Concerto ~ perf. by BMOP

06/15/10 playlist WRIU Divertimento fill-in

I'm occasionally asked to fill in for some of the other Divertimento Classical hosts on WRIU and when I do I tend to play music from a wider time period than my usual "music of the last thirty years." For this recent fill in date I decided to go old-school. I went to the station with no laptop, no cd's, no idea what I was going to play, and headed to our Vinyl Vault to see what goodies I could unearth.

Charles Ives ~ Sonata for Violin & Piano #1

Ravi Shakar & Yehudi Menuhin ~ Swara-Kakali
selections from an LP called "Golden Dance Hits of 1600"
Preston Trombly ~ Kinetics III for Flute & Electronics

Serge Koussevitsky ~ three short pieces for Bass & Piano
Handel ~ Concerto in D minor op.3 no. 5

Barbara Kolb ~ Spring River Flowers Moon Night
Stravinsky ~ Symphonies for Wind Instruments

Teo Macero ~ One-Three Quarters
Harry Partch ~ The Dreamer That Remains

Thea Musgrave ~ Chamber Concerto No. 2

06/09/10 playlist WRIU

Stanislaw Skrowaczewski ~ Concerto Nicolo for Piano Left Hand & Orchestra

Don Byron ~ Eugene
Martin Bresnick ~ Willie's Way

Lou Harrison ~ String Quartet Set

Arthur Russell ~ This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Ben Johnston ~ Crossings-The Ascent
Tin Hat Trio ~ Red Hook Stoop
Dave Douglas ~ Odyssey
Univers Zero ~ Retour De Foire

Lisa Bielawa ~ Double Violin Concerto

WVVY playlist 6/6 & 7

Arthur Russell ~ Tower of Meaning
Martin Bresnick ~ Every Thing Must Go
Build ~ Drivin'
Kronos Quartet w/ the Alim Qasimov Ensemble ~ Köhlen Atim
Lisa Bielawa ~ Roam
Ingram Marshall ~ Fog Tropes II
Joshua Shank ~ Six Color Madrigals
Timo Andres ~ Play It By Ear
Christopher Cerrone ~ Still Life with Arms Extended
Max Grafe ~ Light Show
Don Byron ~ Eugene
Tin Hat Trio ~ March of the Smallest Feet
Lukas Ligeti ~ Great Circle's Tune I & II
Amy X Neuburg ~ My God
Annie Gosfield ~ Blue Serge

06/02/10 playlist WRIU

Lou Harrison ~ Three Pieces for Gamelan and Soloists
Tristan Keuris ~ String Quartet #2
Max Grafe ~ Light Show
Lisa Bielawa ~ Roam
Univers Zero ~ Warrior
Michael Daugherty ~ Deus Ex Machina
Ingram Marshall ~ Cries Upon The Mountains
Eve Beglarian ~ Creating The World
Arthur Russell ~ Hiding Your Present From You

WVVY playlist 5/30 & 31

Martin Bresnick ~ Willie's Way
David Amram ~ American Dance Suite
Adrian Knight ~ Cabrini-Green
Sean Shepherd ~ Octet
Newspeak ~ Electric Proletariat
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Lost in the B-Zone
Banter/3.1 ~ A Major Conflict
Ingram Marshall ~ Sibelius In His Radio Corner
Eve Beglarian ~ Wonder Counselor
Kronos Quartet ~ Qashlarin Kamandir
Alarm Will Sound ~ Fingerbib
Univers Zero ~ Soubresauts
Syzygys ~ Badol Bashimu
Ernst Reijseger ~ Colla Parte
Balmorhea ~ Night Squall
Tin Hat Trio ~ Invisible Mobile
Jody Redhage ~ Did You See Me Walking? ~ comp. by Derek Muro
DBR ~ Black Man Singing
Florent Ghys ~ Soli
Corey Dargel ~ Touch Me Where It Counts
Timo Andres ~ Home Stretch

BMOP Special

The following program aired May 23rd & 24th on WVVY 93.7 LPFM ( and again on May 26th on WRIU 90.3 FM (

All recordings by Boston Modern Orchestra Project under the direction of Gil Rose except where indicated

Lukas Foss ~ The Prairie ~ BMOP and Providence Singers, dir. Andrew Clark

interview with artistic director Gil Rose

Derek Bermel ~ Thracian Echoes

Michael Gandolfi ~ Points of Departure

Ken Ueno ~ Kaze-no-Oka

Elliott Schwartz ~ Chamber Concerto VI
(WRIU broadcast replaced Schwartz Concert VI with Concerto IV)

Gunther Schuller ~ Journey Into Jazz (only aired on WVVY)

05/21/10 playlist WRIU

Special all Charles Ives program

Symphony #2 ~ Yale Symphony Orchestra ~ James Sinclair

Three Places in New England ~ Orchestra New England ~ James Sinclair

Four Ives Songs ~ Red Light New Music *world radio premiere
~He Grew In Those Seasons Like Corn In The Night (after Thoreau) ~ arr. Scott Wollschleger
~Mists ~ arr. Vincent Raikhel
~Serenity (A Unison Chant) ~ arr. Christopher Cerrone
~Memories ~ arr. Liam Robinson

Yale-Princeton Football Game ~ Orchestra New England ~ James Sinclair
The Housatonic At Stockbridge ~ Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody
Three Quarter Tone Pieces ~ Continuum

Psalm 90 ~ SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart ~ Marcus Creed
Decoration Day ~ Chicago Symphony Orchestra ~ Michael Tilson Thomas

They Are There!  ~ Charles Ives
The Circus Band ~ Jan DeGaetani & Gilbert Kalish

Central Park In The Dark ~ Chicago Symphony Orchestra ~ MTT
The Unanswered Question ~ CSO ~ MTT

WVVY playlist 5/16 & 17

Eve Beglarian ~ The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Bang On A Can All-Stars ~ 2/1
Christopher Hobbs ~ McCrimmon Will Never Return
Ben Johnston ~ String Quartet #9
Kashiwa Daisuke ~ Broken Device
Christopher Cerrone ~ Flence
Lukas Ligeti ~ Nightmare Logic
Syzygys ~ Fauna Grotesque
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Julia Wolfe ~ Dark Full Ride
Victoire ~ A Song For Arthur Russell
Arthur Russell ~ She's The Star-I Take This Time
The Books feat. Jose Gonzalez ~ Cello Song
Fay Kueen ~ Yaf's Monodrama
Angelica Negron ~ Technicolor
Build ~ In The Backyard
Univers Zero ~ Vacillements
Hard Rubber Orchestra ~ Speck
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ The Common Sparrow
Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) ~ Sonata for Violin and Turntables pt.2

We want BMOP, we want BMOP, yeah!

This week I'll be airing an interview with Gil Rose, artistic director of Boston Modern Orchestra Project, along with an all BMOP program. They have an upcoming concert at Jordan Hall on Friday, May 28th and I have a pair of tickets to give away!

To enter, simply send an email to musicforinternets at gmail dot com with the subject line of "BMOP ticket giveaway" Include your name, telephone #, and address in the body of the email. One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Entries must be received by 8pm EST on Tuesday, May 25th

05/12/10 playlist WRIU

Perry Goldstein ~ Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet
Peter Zummo ~ Rocket Scientist

Ingram Marshall ~ Soe-Pa
Ernst Reijseger ~ Hownot2
Omar Surillo ~ Like Digging Gold

Univers Zero ~ Straight Edge
Nick Didkovsky ~ Tube Mouth Bow String

Syzygys ~ Gyoji
Fay Kueen ~ Yaf's Monodrama
Valentin Silvestrov ~ Litany
Scott Ordway ~ Piano Quintet

John Adams ~ American Standard

Jordan Kuspa ~ Piano Trio

WVVY playlist 5/9 & 10

Timo Andres ~ Fast Flows The River
Balmorhea ~ Harm and Boon
David Lang ~ Cheating, Lying, Stealing
NOW Ensemble ~ All Together Now ~ comp. by Patrick Burke
Moondog ~ All Is Loneliness
Gabriel Kahane ~ Craigslistlieder II: I'm Sorry
Christopher Cerrone ~ Requiem for K.V.
Gavin Bryars ~ The Archangel Trip ~ perf. by Icebreaker
Kronos Quartet ~ Tashweesh (Interference)
R. Luke Dubois ~ Is In C In F?
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ The Cage ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Nico Muhly ~ A Hudson Cycle
Florent Ghys ~ Clignotants
itsnotyouitsme ~ Great Day
Michael Gandolfi ~ Y2K Compliant ~ perf. by BMOP
Julia Wolfe ~ Stronghold
Jacob Cooper ~ A Beautiful Show + Timberbrit
Terry Riley ~ Peace Dance and Turning
Philip Glass ~ Warszawa

WVVY playlist 5/2 & 3

Brad Mehldau ~ We'll Cross The River Together
Lawrence Dillon ~ Sonata:Motion
Gavin Bryars ~ Epilogue from Wonder Lawn
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing
Conrad Winslow ~ Sleepcycles
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Beehive
Michael Fiday ~ Slapback
Owen Pallett ~ The Great Elsewhere
Maestro Subgum and the Whole ~ Lullaby From A Weird Place
Louis Andriessen ~ Passeggiata in tram in America e ritorno
Noam Faingold ~ A Knife in the Water
Rachel's ~ Saccharin
Jacob Cooper ~ Untitled
Victoire ~ I am coming for my things
Ernst Reijseger ~ Hownot2
Tin Hat Trio (w/Tom Waits) ~ Helium [Reprise]
Syzygys ~ Moroccan Rose
Nick Didkovsky ~ What Sheep Herd

4/28/10 playlist WRIU

Gavin Bryars ~ 1,2, 1-2-3-4
Christopher Cerrone ~ Music for Chameleons

Brad Mehldau ~ We'll Cross the River Together
Polina Nazaykinskaya ~ Winter Bells
Ronnie Reshef ~ Suicide (after Grosz)

Interview with composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) including the following works:
Sonata for Violin and Turntables pts. 1 & 2
Spaceships Over Haiti
Our Country
Zachary's Dream (from In C Remixed)

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #4 ~ perf. by Cypress String Quartet

WVVY playlist 4/25 & 26

Jack Vees ~ The Restaurant Behind the Peir
Aulis Sallinen ~ String Quartet #3 ~ perf. by Kronos Quartet
Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Old Hungarian Ballroom Dances
Florent Ghys ~ Simplement
Nico Muhly ~ Mothertongue
Pulsoptional ~ I Heart Rosa Luxemburg
Balmorhea ~ Remembrance
Yat-Kha ~ Bai-La Mongun
The Cosmic Rays ~ Dreaming
Beata Moon ~ Inter Mez Zo
Ingram Marshall ~ Hymnodic Delays
Jody Redhage ~ Postlude ~ comp. by Jacob Cooper
Lou Harrison ~ Ductia
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Cities, scene 5: Venice
Conrad Winslow ~ Slippery
Noam Faingold ~ Bonaparte Born to Party
Adrian Knight ~ Music of Spaces (ii)
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Shrapnel
Ronnie Reshef ~ Thoughts and the Big City
William Brittelle ~ Hey Panda

WVVY playlist 4/18 & 19

Charles Fussell ~ Wilde: Symphony for Baritone & Orchestra ~ perf. by Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Matthew Welch ~ The Self & Other
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ the Beat of the Mesozoic
Pulsoptional ~ How Terrible Orange
Nico Muhly ~ The Only Tune
Jody Redhage ~ of minutiae and memory ~ comp. by Paula Matthusen
David Lang ~ Heroin ~ arrangement of the Velvet Underground
Final Fantasy ~ Took you two years to win my heart
Tin Hat Trio ~ Pablo Looks Back
Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Artikulation
Nico Muhly ~ In C with Canons & Bass
Lois V. Vierk ~ Red Shift
John Korsrud ~ Fun For The Whole Family
Nadia Sirota ~ The Night Gatherers ~ comp. by Judd Greenstein
Balmorhea ~ Herons
Gray Code ~ Pastoral Detune
Lukas Ligeti ~ Stories of the Unknown

WVVY playlist 4/11 & 12

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

Lisa Bielawa ~ Lamentations for a City
Ronnie Reshef ~ Lamentation of the Lovers
Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolfetenspiel for Harpsichord (June 11, 1955)
itsnotyouitsme ~ we are malleable, even though they seem to own us

Icebreaker ~ Yo Shakespeare ~ comp. by Michael Gordon
the Apes of God ~ Wet Avalanche
Ted Hearne ~ Make It Out
Noam Faingold ~ Sunrise for String Quartet

Carla Bley ~ Over There
Victor Gama ~ O Olho No Anzol
Kronos Quartet ~ Listen to Me, My Fellow Countrymen
Steve Moshier ~ Two Sides
Burkina Electric ~ Bana

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You (w/intro by the composer)
David Lang ~ For Love is Strong
Bon Iver ~ Woods

Terry Riley ~ Desert of Ice
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ At The River ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Martin Wesley-Smith ~ For Marimba and Tape

Time was running wild on a million dead end streets

Indeed. There be some ch-ch-changes afoot here at Music for Internets.

I've added a links page which currently has 60 composers' websites listed and will soon have ensembles and performers listed as well. One thing this means is the playlists will now only have links when it is a new composer, performer, or ensemble that I have not played on the show before. This not only makes things easier for me, but helps to highlight new additions to the MFI repertoire.

We're still working out some technical kinks for the airing of Music for Internets on WVVY 93.7 LPFM from Martha's Vineyard (and online at But it will be well worth the wait, since they will be airing the show twice a week! Be on the lookout for big, big announcements when that is up and running.

And two things that are not new, but are more prominently displayed are the "About" page and the link to become a fan on Facebook. If you are already a fan, please take a moment to click the "Suggest to Friends" button.

So, if you haven't been by the site in awhile, take a moment to pop on by. I can't say I'll make you some tea and cakes, but you'll have my eternal love and gratitude.

Until next time, Oh my Pretty Things..

04/07/10 playlist WRIU

Gavin Bryars ~ Cello Concerto "Farewell to Philosophy"

Jordan Kuspa ~ Lemon Battery
The Flaming Lips ~ The Horrors of Isolation
Tin Hat Trio ~ Elliott Carter Family
Lawrence Dillon ~ Devotion

Interview with Steven Jobe

Trad./Steven Jobe ~ Robin Hood/Turpin Here
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Sisyphus

Julia Wolfe ~ Dark Full Ride
Beata Moon ~ In Transit
Ingram Marshall ~ Fog Tropes II

Jack Vees  ~ The Restaurant Behind The Pier
Victoire ~ Like a Miracle
Balmorhea ~ Herons
Ricardo Romaneiro ~ :System Disconnected: :Mirage: :Outro:

Messiaenic Mash-Ups

Hey Kids, try this at home... or on the go!

Adjust the volume (probably down) on your stereo, iPod, etc.. until the sounds of the birds blend with what you're listening to.

Recommend discs, pieces, etc.. that this works well with.

*Bonus Points for specifying species!!!

03/31/10 playlist WRIU

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

Lisa Bielawa ~ Lamentations For A City
Ronnie Reshef ~ Lamentation of the Lovers
itsnotyouitsme ~ we are malleable, even though they seem to own us

Interview with Michael Fiday regarding the American Composer's Orchestra's upcoming Louis & the Young Americans concert

Michael Fiday ~ Slapback
Michael Fiday ~ Dharma Pops

Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
John Korsrud ~ Danse Russe

The following works are all by Louis Andriessen
Letter from Cathy
Mouse Running
De Snelheid

03/24/10 playlist

Ronnie Reshef ~ Thoughts and the Big City
Jody Redhage ~ Paint Box ~ comp. by Anna Clyne
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ The Gooseneck
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing

Annie Gosfield ~ Freud
Kyle Gann ~ Satie's Dream
Danielle Schwob ~ Breathing Underwater
Polina Nazaykinskaya ~ Real April

Interview with composer Lukas Ligeti including the following selections from his Afrikan Machinery album:
Great Circle's Tune I
Great Circle's Tune II
Nightmare Logic
Stories of the Unknown

Adrian Knight ~ Unruhe

The *big* news

So, I've been hinting at some big news to come, and here it is.

A second radio station is going to be airing Music for Internets! And not only that, but it will run twice per week.

The station is WVVY 93.7 LPFM on Martha's Vineyard and streaming online at Music for Internets will air every Sunday night from 9 to midnight, and then a repeat of the same program on Monday afternoon from 2-5 PM EST. We had a partial test run today and should have the tech issues ironed out. If all goes to plan the first broadcast should be this coming Sunday, March 28th.

For the time being, my WRIU and WVVY broadcasts will be different from one another, which means I'll be presenting five and a half hours of unique programming every week, with two opportunities to hear three of those hours.

So tune in and join me in exploring the wonderful and exciting world of Modern Classical/New Music/Indie-Classical, etc... and more!

03/17/10 playlist

Julia Wolfe ~ LAD
Ken Ueno ~ On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis ~ BMOP

Eliane Aberdam ~ Tziltzulim
Michael Fiday ~ Hands On!

Lukas Ligeti ~ Entering: Perceiving Masks; Exiting: Perceiving Faces
Conrad Winslow ~ Slippery
Balmorhea ~ Bowspit
Dirty Projectors ~ Two Doves
Harry Nilsson ~ Remember Christmas
Florent Ghys ~ Clignotants

Annie Gosfield ~ Nickolaievski Soldat
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ The Orange Ocean
A Troop of Echoes ~ Ascenders
The Flaming Lips ~ In Excelsior Vaginalistic
Tin Hat Trio ~ Invisible Mobile

Icebreaker ~ Yo Shakespeare ~ comp. by Michael Gordon
The Apes of God ~ Wet Avalanche
Ted Hearne ~ Make It Out
Noam Faingold ~ Sunrise for String Quartet

03/10/10 playlist

Louis Andriessen ~ La Passione ~ BMOP

Polina Kazaykinskaya ~ Passacaglia Zero
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Closing Doors
Danielle Schwob ~ Shiver ~ Syzygy New Music Collective

Adrian Knight ~ Ricky Bruch
Gray Code ~ Purvis Bearing
Glenn Kotche ~ Smooth ~ from In C Remixed
Nadia Sirota ~ Live Water

Carla Bley ~ Over There
Victor Gama ~ O Olho No Anzol
Kronos Quartet ~ Listen to Me, My Fellow Countrymen
Steve Moshier ~ Two Sides ~ New Music Haitian Relief
Burkina Electric ~ Bana

Ted Hearne ~ Snowball ~ Your Bad Self
Tin Hat Trio ~ Slip
Roomful of Teeth ~ AEIOU ~ comp. Judd Greenstein
William Brittelle ~ Hey Panda
Final Fantasy ~ This Lamb Sells Condos
Moondog ~ With My Wealth

East Village Opera Company ~ The Ride

03/03/10 playlist

Frank Kimbrough ~ It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago
Balmorhea ~ Steerage And The Lamp
Christopher A. Schmitz ~ Three Moods: Tenacious, Melancholy, Frantic!

Lisa Moore ~ Seven Etudes for Piano ~ comp. by Don Byron
Henry Cowell ~ Tiger
Marcel Duchamp ~ The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. Erratum Musical

Interview with Andrew Clark of the Providence Singers about their upcoming concert

Dominick Argento ~ Jonah and the Whale ~ perf. by Providence Singers & the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Julia Wolfe ~ Lick
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Be Careful
Gray Code ~ Topsy's Hawser
Burkina Electric ~ Mdolé

02/24/10 playlist

David Lang ~ The So-Called Laws Of Nature ~ So Percussion

Kyle Gann ~ Last Chance

interview with Male Soprano Michael Maniaci

Mozart ~ Exsultate, Jubilate K. 165 ~ Allegro ~ Michael Maniaci
Zhou Long ~ Summer
                   ~ Winter ~ from Madame White Snake

Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ Songs My Mother Taught Me ~ Charles Ives
Owen Pallett ~ Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Arthur Russell ~ Instrumentals vol. 2

After the broadcast that day, my buddy Harry and I went to NYC to see the Bang on a Can All-Stars People's Commissioning Fund concert, so a little BoaC to close the show seemed in order.
Nick Didkovsky ~ Amalia's Secret
Brian Eno ~ 2/1

02/19/10 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Washington's Birthday

William Grant Still ~ Africa

Florent Ghys ~ Simplement
Build ~ Imagining Winter
Zoë Keating ~ Zinc ~ from In C Remixed

Richard Danielpour ~ Celestial Night

Elliot Schwartz ~ Chamber Concerto VI: Mr Jefferson ~ Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Lawrence Dillon ~ Facade ~ from the upcoming Naxos release, Music for Violin

Gavin Bryars ~ By The Vaar ~ feat. Charlie Haden

Charles Ives ~ Three Page Sonata

02/10/10 playlist Guest DJ Christopher Cerrone

Composer Christopher Cerrone stopped by the studio to guest DJ and tell us about his opera Invisible Cities.

Morton Feldman ~ The Viola in my Life II
Salvatore Sciarrino ~ Moro, Lasso (from Le voci sottovetro)
Ingram Marshall ~ Harmonic Delays: 4 Low Dutch
Beat Furrer ~ Fama 
Thomas Ades ~ Five Eliot Landscapes, 1st movement
John Cage ~ In a Landscape

Dirty Projectors ~ Not Having Found
Lamento per il Venerdi Santo
Tapr ~ Autechre
Charlie Haden ~ Single Girl, Married Girl

The following works are by Red Light New Music
Liam Robinson ~ Chamber Concerto
Vincent Raikhel ~ Anther
Scott Wollschleger ~ Secret Machines V

Behavior ~ PS

02/03/10 playlist

Terry Riley ~ In C

DJ Spooky ~ In Sea of C (from In C Remixed)

William Billings ~ O praise the Lord of Heaven
     ~ Is any afflicted
     ~ Emmaus
     ~ Africa

David Lang ~ the Little Match Girl Passion

all recordings above (except DJ Spooky) by Paul Hillier

Balmorhea ~ Settler

Annie Gosfield ~ Brawl
Kate Soper ~ Door ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Tongues

01/29/10 playlist

Gavin Bryars ~ The Archangel Trip ~ perf. by Icebreaker
Rachel's ~ M. Daguerre

Nadia Sirota ~ Etude 1A ~ comp. by Nico Muhly
Moondog ~ Wine, Woman, and Song
Balmorhea ~ Coahuila
Amy X. Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Shrapnel
Osso ~ Year of the Horse ~ comp. Sufjan Stevens
Nico Muhly ~ Quiet Music

2/2 (from Music For Airports) ~ Bang on a Can All-Stars

John Harbison ~ Ulysses ~ perf. by Boston Modern Orchestra Project dir. by Gil Rose

01/27/10 playlist

Owen Pallett ~ The Great Elsewhere
Rachel's ~ Tea Merchants
Bon Iver ~ Babys
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Terry Riley's House
Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) ~ Zachary's Dream ~ from In C Remixed
Jeff Harrington ~ For Erzulie Dantor
the last track above is part of a compilation to benefit Haiti which can be purchased here

Amy Horvey  ~ Overture to The Queen of Music Boxes
Amy X. Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Difficult
Fay Kueen 斐斐 ~ Pisces Monodrama

Bolot & Nohon ~ The Call of the Forefathers

Michael Gordon ~ Industry
Interview with composer Derek Bermel discussing his Grammy nominated BMOP/sound recording, Voices.

01/13/10 playlist

Steve Reich ~ Three Tales: Dolly

So Percussion ~ Melody Competition ~ comp. Evan Ziporyn
Pulsoptional ~ 'stain ~ comp. Caroline Mallonnée

Terry Riley ~ Desert of Ice
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ At the River ~ comp. Charles Ives
William Moersch ~ For Marimba & Tape ~ comp. Martin Wesley-Smith

Marc Mellits ~ Agu: Sheep Balls
                        Agu: The Triumph of the Water Witch
                        Agu: You're a Fake ~ perf. Real Quiet
Moondog ~ Why Spend a Dark Night With Me
Mike Cellemme ~ Bonnet Shores
Wet Ink Ensemble ~ Traceries ~ comp. Jeff Snyder

Scott Smallwood ~ On The Floor ~ perf. PLOrk
Alarm Will Sound ~ Qwely Mernans
Rachel's ~ With More Air Than Words
Tin Hat Trio ~ Anna Kourikova
QQQ ~ Ål or Nothing

R. Luke Dubois ~ Clavier

01/08/10 playlist

Joshua Shank ~ Winter
David Lang ~ For Love is Strong
David Hykes ~ Rainbow Voices

Henry Cowell ~ Symphony #11

Gavin Bryars ~ The Sinking of the Titanic

Lawrence Dillon ~ Furies & Muses

01/06/10 playlist

Ralph Shapey ~ Evocation 2 for Cello, Piano, and Percussion

Adrian Knight ~ Music of Spaces (ii)
Balmorhea ~ Baleen Morning
Joëlle Léandre ~ Hommage a J...
Kronos Quartet ~ Mugam Beyati Shiraz
Louis Andriessen ~ Bells for Haarlem ~ BMOP dir. Gil Rose

Icebreaker ~ Evol ~ comp. Damian Le Gassick
Pulsoptional ~ I Heart Rosa Luxemburg ~ comp. Marc Friars

Julia Wolfe ~ LAD ~ perf. Matthew Welch

Alvin Lucier ~ Broken Line
Rachel's ~ Systems/Layers
Osso ~ Year of the Boar ~ comp. Sufjan Stevens
Jody Redhage ~ Postlude ~ comp. Jacob Cooper

Bang on a Can ~ Red Shift
Tin Hat Trio ~ Seamstress Extraordinaire
Steve Layton ~ The Pulling into the Sky
Roomful of Teeth ~ Cesca's View ~ comp. Rinde Eckert

William Brittelle ~ Michael Jackson (NOW1 remix)