12/30/09 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Waltz ~ Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody

Michael Gandolfi ~ Themes from a Midsummer Night ~ BMOP dir. Gil Rose

Roomful of Teeth ~ Passacaglia (Caroline Shaw)
Final Fantasy ~ Library
Bang on a Can ~ The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory (Annie Gosfield)
Icebreaker ~ the Archangel Trip (Gavin Bryars)

Moondog ~ From One to Nine
Anon. ~ Dinaresade
East Village Opera Company ~ Habanera
Chris Turner & Peter Wetzler ~ Broken Reed
Osso ~ Year of the Ox (Sufjan Stevens)
Sufjan Stevens ~ Year of the Tiger
Bang on a Can All-Stars ~ 2/1 (Brian Eno)

Tin Hat Trio ~ Company
Lawrence Dillon ~ The Voice (from an upcoming Naxos release)
Theo Bleckmann ~ Songs my Mother Taught Me (Charles Ives)
Bon Iver ~ Woods
Balmorhea ~ a Circumnavigation

XXXMas playlist

Despite my skull having been magically transformed into crystal, I fought through my vodka-induced haze to to bring some hollandaise cheer to any who might have tuned in.

Toro Takemitsu ~ Three Film Scores for Strings
Gavin Bryars ~ Cadman Requiem
Terry Riley ~ In C (Paul Hillier and Ars Nova Copenhagen)
Tarik O'Regan ~ Triptych
Milford Graves ~ Transmutations
Theo Bleckmann ~ The Housatonic at Stockbridge
Cordame ~ Mediterranée

And then I woke up.... Around about this time it was 12:30 and Classical prgramming was done for the day. I also brought a crate full of vinyl and a hard drive full of goodies and just started spinning for the next 2.5 hours.

(*played on vinyl)

Woods ~ Bon Iver
Let Us Down Easy ~ Ryan Adams *
The Perfect Space ~ the Avett Brothers *
Boat Behind ~ Kings of Convenience *
Sell Me A Coat ~ David Bowie *
The Pharaohs ~ Neko Case *
Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave ~ Morphine
Librarian ~ My Morning Jacket *

That's Us/Wild Combination ~ Arthur Russell
Lion in a Coma ~ Animal Collective *
Alan Parson's in a Winter Wonderland ~ Grandaddy
Winter Sleep ~ Valgier Sigurdsson *
You're An Actor Out Of Work ~ St. Vincent *
Be Less Critical ~ House on Fire
Powerless ~ the Flaming Lips
Thine Planetarium ~ RJD2 *
Money ~ Apollo Sunshine *
I'll Be Home For Christmas ~ Bob Dylan
Welfare Breed ~ King Khan & the Shrines *
Kissability ~ Sonic Youth *

The Other Side of Grace ~ Banter/3.1
The Moog & Me ~ Dick Hyman *
Marrow ~ St. Vincent *
Electronic Renaissance ~ Belle & Sebastian
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe ~ the Clash *
D.J. ~ David Bowie *
Redondo Beach ~ Patti Smith *
Laundry Room ~ the Avett Brothers *
This is a Dream of Win & Regine ~ Final Fantasy
I'd Rather Dance With You ~ Kings of Convenience
Breakfast at Denny's ~ Combustible Edison *
Yo Shakespeare ~ Icebreaker
My Girls ~ Animal Collective *
Of Course ~ Jane's Addiction *

And then I had to go to dinner at my parents..

12/23/09 playlist

All works performed by Boston Modern Orchestra Project dir. Gil Rose
all recordings provided by BMOP/sound

Gunther Schuller ~ Concertino for Jazz Quartet & Orchestra (BMOP/sound 1004)

Michael Gandolfi ~ Y2K Compliant (BMOP/sound 1002)

Elliott Schwartz ~ Chamber Concerto V: Water Music (BMOP/sound 1013)

John Cage ~ Sixteen Dances No. 15 [The Erotic] (BMOP/sound 1012)

Lukas Foss ~ The Prairie w/Providence Singers dir. Andrew Clark (BMOP/sound 1007)

Charles Fussell ~ Wilde, Symphony for Baritone & Orchestra (BMOP/sound 1005)

A brief absence, a strong return, and some thoughts on minimalism

Greetings New Music Lovers,

   Due to holiday scheduling and other personal time conflicts I'm about half-way through a two & a half week absence, however, next week I will be returning with a vengeance. Not only have I been diligently scouring the Interwebs to bring you the freshest, tastiest New Music I can find (and boy-oh-boy do I have lots of new treats for you) but I'll be on the air three times in the next two weeks! Next week I'll be doing my regular Wednesday time slot, and then I'll also be hosting on Christmas morning. And what better way to celebrate the Yuletide than with Icebreaker, NOW Ensemble, and Arthur Russell? I'll then be on again the following Wednesday, and as if that wasn't enough, my friend and colleague Joe Ray will be hosting on the mornings of the 24th & 31st. Joe has a taste for the difficult and obscure, so who knows what goodies he'll bring to the airwaves. Perhaps we'll get treated to some Nancarrow, Stockhausen, or the Plunderphonics of Christian Marclay.


  To paraphrase Milton Babbitt, this next part might have been entitled "Who Cares if You Listen?" I find myself increasingly drawn towards minimalism and ambient works. For example, last night when I got home from work (after being locked in the parking lot for about 20 minutes) I listened to Paul Hillier's version of In C, Bang on a Can's live recording of Music for Airports, and Walled Gardens by itsnotyouitsme. (Incidentally, I think the only thing that could make me more of an Indie-Classical Hipster ™ is if I had listened to GVSU's In C Remixed instead) Anyway, I realized that part of what appeals to me about this music is it gives you the option of listening closely or as background. Finding time to give listening our full attention is difficult, yet I frequently have music on while doing other things. With minimalism and ambient works I find that I can either pay close attention and be rewarded for the effort, or I can check in now and again to find something interesting and wonderful happening.

Justin H Brierley
Indie-Classical Hipster ™

12/04/09 playlist

Click to listen to archive

Gavin Bryars ~ Cello Concerto: Farewell to Philosophy

Derek Bermel ~ Elixir
Adrian Knight ~ Cabrini-Green

interview with David T. Little featuring the following works;
Electric Proletariat
Sweet Light Crude
Spalding Gray
Piano Trio; movements I & III

David's links

11/25/09 playlist

Click to listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Thanksgiving

Charles Ives ~ Yale-Princeton Football game
David T. Little ~ Sunday Morning Trepanation
Ted Hearne ~ Patriot

Wet Ink Ensemble ~ Shiverer
Steve Layton ~ Villa of the Minor Apocalypse

Alarm Will Sound ~ Cock/Ver 10
Jacob Cooper ~ Save My Death
Rachel's ~ Water From The Same Source
Pulsoptional ~ Kid Sparkle and the Parliament Prince

Bryan Senti ~ Photostuttering II: In Technicolor
Christopher Cerrone ~ Averno: A Fragment

David Lang Pierced

Marc Mellits ~ Tight Sweater

Beck ~ Harry Partch

11/20/09 playlist

Click to listen to archive

David T. Little ~ Piano Trio
I: East Coast Attitude
II: On Clouds of Witness
III: On-the-Job Training

Tarik O'Regan ~ Threshold of Night
David Felder ~ Three Lines from 20 Poems
Rachel's ~ Where Have All My Files Gone?

Gabriel Kahane I'm Sorry (from Craigslistlieder)
Moondog ~ Chaconne in G Major
Osso ~ Year of the Dragon (arr. Nico Muhly)
Philip Glass ~ Dracula Enters
Kronos Quartet ~ Kara Kemir

Gavin Bryars ~ One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing

Harrison Birtwistle ~ Five Distances for Five Instruments

George Antheil ~ Ballet Mechanique

A note on playlists

Greetings New Music lovers,

Since I'm now on every week instead of every other I (obviously) have twice as much air time to cover. As a result I'll be making some minor changes to my programming. First, I'll be expanding my primary focus from strictly 21st Century to music of the last 30 years. In addition to that I will be playing some works from outside of that 30 year limit, mostly by personal favorites like Harrison, Riley, Hauer, Ives, and the occasional bit of Gesualdo. (As I type this I'm listening to the wonderful Terry Riley & John Cale disc Church of Anthrax and wondering if it's too much of a Jazz/Rock album to play.) I'm also planning on adding a "Trip to the Vault" feature, dusting off some of the bizarre selections from WRIU's vinyl collection. (Avant-Garde flute works of the 20th Century? Hell Yes!)

So, I'm still committed to bringing you the freshest, hot-off-the-interwebs, Indie Classical/New Music I can find, and will continue to make that the main focus of my show, but now with some "older" music throw in the mix. And really, what's wrong with a little Moondog now and again?

11/11/09 playlist

Click to listen to archive

Special show promoting the Providence Singers New World Rhythm concert happening November 15th at 3PM in Beneficent Church in Providence.

Lou Harrison ~ Piano Concerto (featuring Keith Jarrett)

Tarik O'Regan ~ The Ecstasies Above

Nico Muhly ~ A Hudson Cycle
                    ~ Etude 1 (performed by Nadia Sirota)
                    ~ The Failed Visit (from The Reader sundtrack)

Philip Glass ~ Metamorphosis I-V for solo piano

Steve Reich ~ Piano Phase

11/06/09 playlist

Click to listen to archive

Timo Andres ~ Night Jaunt
Stephen Gorbos ~ Footprints
Balmorhea ~ Coahuila
Build ~ No Response

NOW Ensemble ~ All Together Now (comp. by Patrick Burke)
Chris Turner & Peter Wetzler ~ Wounded Harp
Duo 46 ~ four songs by Jorge Liderman
La soledad de la nochada
La mujer, la mi mujer
Un lunes por la mañana
Nani, nani
Kronos Quartet ~ Flugfrelsarinn (by Sigur Ros)

Neil Goodchild ~ New England Highway
Terry Riley ~ Peace Dance and Turning
Kyle Gann ~ My father moved through dooms of love
Joshua Shank ~ Winter

David Lang ~ Evening Morning Day: Evening Morning Day
Judd Greenstein ~ At the end of a really great day

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You
Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music
Steve Layton ~ Strophe/Antistrophe

10/28/09 playlist

No archive available  :(

All vocal show

David Lang ~ the Little Match Girl Passion

Nico Muhly ~ Mothertongue

Joshua Shank ~ Six Color Madrigals
Serpents in Red Roses Hissing
Blue! 'Tis the Life of Heaven
Purple-Stained Mouth
Yellow Brooms and Cold Mountains
A Grass-Green Pillow
Orange-Mounts of More Soft Ascent

Stephen Gorbos ~ Four Sonnets
How Heavy Do I Journey
When I have seen
For Restful Death
Then do mine eyes but see

Jacob Cooper ~ Timberbrit
David T. Little ~ Sweet Light Crude (performed by Newspeak)
John Supko ~ Banking
Amy X Neuburg ~ Residue

Gregory Spears ~ The Golden Legend
St. Vincent
St. Jerome
St. Eustace
Jody Redhage ~ Did You See Me Walking?
Corey Dargel ~ Lullaby (For 48x From Rachel)

Christopher Cerrone ~ Beautiful Dreamer

This just in!

Greetings my lovelies,
There's lots of good things happening here in RadioLand! For starters I've been busily searching ye ol' Interwebs to find delicious New Music to play for you. Several composers have been generous enough to send their music my way, so there'll be plenty of new works to hear. I'm also planning several features on contemporary composers including Andrew Norman, Nico Muhly, and David T. Little's ensemble Newspeak. Speaking of Nico, I interviewed him yesterday for an upcoming Providence Singers concert which will feature all works from the 20th & 21st centuries.

My roommate Christopher has been filling in at the station on a fairly regular basis. He's been focusing on music from 1900-1940, or what he likes to call "After Brahms, before Darmstadt." He's been playing works by overlooked composers like Zemlinsky, Koechlin, and Szymanowski, and starts every show with a piece of Milhaud. I'll be adding his playlists and archive links to this blog. Look for his upcoming shows in the listings to the left.

And speaking of up coming shows, here's The Big News!

Starting in November, I'll be on every week! WRIU's regular Friday DJ, Ron Marsh (who's been at the station for 26 years!) has asked me to alternate with him for an indefinite period of time. So, I'll be hosting Divertimento every 1st & 3rd Friday in addition to my regular 2nd & 4th Wednesday. Sound confusing? (how do you think I feel? ;-P) Not to worry though, in the usual "Upcoming Shows" space I'll continue to list the exact dates of my shows, so keep an eye on that to catch the show.

Until next time, keep your ears and mind open, and never give up on the power of music!

10/14/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Judd Greenstein ~ Cello Sonata

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You
(w/ intro by the composer)

Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music
Balmorhea ~ Dream of Thaw
Arthur Russell ~ Instrumentals vol. 1
Alarm Will Sound ~ Logon Rock Witch

Chris Turner & Peter Wetzler ~ Tango Melange
Jody Redhage ~ All Sumer in a Day
Jacob Cooper ~ For Time To Pour
John Supko Without Stopping

NOW Ensemble ~ All Together Now ~ composed by Patrick Burke
Matthew Welch ~ Enantiomorphs: For Four Clarinets
Kyle Gann ~ So Many Little Dyings
Rachel's ~ Southbound To Marion

Kate Soper ~ Nine Rakes
Derek Bermel ~ Voices, for Solo Clarinet & Orchestra

09/30/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Timo Andres ~ Fast Flows The River

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Eliane Aberdam. In addition to being a composer, she is also the composition professor here at the University of Rhode Island. During the course of the interview we talked about and played the following works:

Tziltzulim (for Tuba & Electronics)
Sans Faiblir, La Nuit Attend Le Soleil (piano trio)
Grisailles Vaporeuses (piano trio)
Tête à Tête (violin sonata)
Triumphant Gems (for Tuba & Horn)

Andrew Norman ~ Sacred Geometry
Jacob Cooper ~ Untitled
Alarm Will Sound ~ Cliffs
David Lang ~ Cheating, Lying Stealing

Jeff Harrington ~ KaleidoPsychoTropos (for Quintet)
Balmorhea ~ Truth
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ The Rite of Spring

09/23/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Gregory Spears ~ Brave Men Sail
Sean Shepherd ~ Lumens

Stephen Gorbos ~ Surely Some Revelation?
Scott Smallwood ~ Transplants

David T. Little ~ Spalding Gray
David Smooke ~ Hurricane Charm

David Lang ~ How To Pray
Alarm Will Sound ~ Fingerbib
NOW Ensemble ~ Cloudbank
Build ~ No Response

Judd Greenstein ~ Elastic Iridescence
Dominic Frasca ~ Deviations
itsnotyouitsme ~ Great Day

09/09/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Sean Shepherd ~ Metamophoses

Kyle Gann ~ Chicago Spiral
Stephen Gorbos ~ Spiral Steps

Balmorhea ~ Night in the Draw
John Supko ~ Into the Night
Matt McBane ~ Synthetic Night

Timo Andres ~ Keeping Things Whole

Nico Muhly ~ Quiet Music
Gregory Spears ~ Quiet Songs
1) Let the Trumpets Bray!
2) Let the Bells Toll!
Judd Greenstein ~ What they don't like (for Chuck D)

David Lang ~ For Love Is Strong
Jody Redhage ~ of minutiae and memory (comp. by Paula Matthusen)
Amy X Neuburg ~ The Tattoo Song
Gabriel Kahane ~ Half a Box of Condoms from Craigslistlieder

Matthew Welch ~ The Self & the Other

Derek Bermel ~ Dust Dances

8/26/09 playlist

Listen to archive

John Supko ~ The Correspondence
David Lang ~ Heroin (Lang arrangement of the Velvet Underground)

Kyle Gann ~ Sunken City

Nico Muhly ~ How About Now ~ by NOW Ensemble

Ted Hearne ~ Katrina Ballads
(including interview clips with the composer)

Katrina Ballads is available as a digital download at New Amsterdam Records

bonus tracks:
dj BC ~ Boxing Fats Domino
~ Just The Wu Of Us
(from Wu-Orleans)

8/12/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Judd Greenstein ~ Summer Dances
Catskill Creek
In Praise of Summer Heat
No-Slip Moyl

Matt McBane ~ Ghost in the Machine

Kyle Gann ~ Charing Cross
Scott Smallwood Chuck Chuck Robot ~ PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra)

Alexandra Gardner ~ Bloom
Anna Clyne ~ fits + starts

Kate Moore ~ Spin Bird
Paula Matthusen ~ distances
Victoire ~ A Door in the Dark

Betsey Biggs ~ Six for Seven
Kate Soper ~ As the Crow Flies

Alex Temple ~ Schwarzwaldmusik III

Archive update

We've worked out the problem with the archive and all three July shows are now up. June shows are still missing, but I suppose that's part of the transitory nature of radio. I particularly recommend the July 22nd broadcast, which is a feature on Timothy Andres.

7/29/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Yale-Princeton Football Game

Robert Honstein ~ Waterloo Dance Hall
Ted Hearne ~ Cordavi & Fig
Christopher Cerrone ~ Variations on a Still Point
Andrew Norman ~ Alabaster Rounds
Timothy Andres ~ I found it in the woods

Scott Smallwood ~ Boyd & McWilliams
John Supko ~ Even in Arcady
Gregory Spears ~ Etude 4

Interview with URI composer, Peter Gilli

QQQ ~ Unpacking The Trailer

Judd Greenstein ~ Free Speech Zone

Balmorhea ~ Remembrance
Build ~ Imagining Winter
Nico Muhly ~ Honest Music
Stephen Gorbos ~ Sorrows with the Moon
Sean Shephard ~ The birds are nervous, the birds have scattered

7/22/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Interview & Feature on Timothy Andres
compositions in bold by Timothy Andres
more info at andres.com

Charles Ives ~ Piano Sonata #2 (Alcotts) ~ perf. Timo
Some Connecticut Gospel
Brahms ~ Op.25 (excerpt)
I Found It By The Sea
Britten ~ The Foggy, Foggy Dew
Fast Flows the River
John Adams ~ China Gates ~ perf. Timo
Radiohead ~ Everything In Its Right Placce
Radiohead ~ Exit Music (for a film) ~ perf. Timo
the Beta Band ~ Monolith (excerpt)
Brian Eno ~ Julie With...
Grizzly Bear ~ Foreground
Ligeti ~ Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano ~ perf. Timo
How can I live in your world of ideas?
Night Jaunt
Home Stretch

7/8/9 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Fourth of July ~ w/narration by Lou Harrison

Nadia Sirota ~ The Night Gatherers
Build ~ In The Backyard

NOW Ensemble ~ Hypno-germ ~ Patrick Burke
Balmorhea ~ Harm and Boon

Sean Shephard ~ Octet

Music for Internets
Andrew Norman ~ Unstuck
Glissando Bin Laden ~ Rumble Seven

New York Miniaturist Ensemble
~ 6 Notes ~ Darren Nelson
~ Ombra di Aria ~ Diaz de Leon
~ Path Bond Grid ~ D.E. Davis
~ To Canaan's ~ Daniel Davis

Victoire ~ Like a Miracle
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Overture

Flux Quartet ~ Siubhal Turnlar i ~ Matthew Welch
Anti-Social Music ~ PortRait2_**NYC2k2
Betsey Biggs ~ Spell

Dan Visconti ~ Black Bend
Stephen Gorbos ~ Football Season is Over
Alex Temple ~ The Last Resort Party Band

Timothy Andres ~ Some Connecticut Gospel


So apparently the archive system at wriu.org has decided that it hates me and hasn't been automatically recording my shows the way it's supposed to. From what I understand a new, more stable system is being worked on which will also enable people to subscribe to a pod cast. My apologies to anyone who may have hoped to listen to either of the more recent shows.

6/24/09 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Unanswered Question

NOW Ensemble ~ Folk Music ~ Judd Greenstein
Build ~ Drivin' ~ Matt McBane

Pulsoptional ~ How Terrible Orange ~ Jennifer Fitzgerald
Annie Godfield ~ Four Roses
Arthur Russell ~ selection from Tower of Meaning

Music for Internets
Alex Temple ~ Slightly Less Awkward People
Missy Mazzoli ~ In Spite of All This

Andrew Norman ~ Gran Turismo
Dan Visconti ~ Low Country Haze
Stephen Gorbos ~ Alleluia (Hey Hey Hey)

Hybrid Groove Project ~ attic instruments (demix)
Andrew Staniland ~ despite bright ideas
Christopher Cerrone ~ Requiem (for K.V.)

Nico Muhly ~ A Hudson Cycle ~ Speaks Volumes
Nico Muhly ~ Etude 1A ~ Nadia Sirota
Nico Muhly ~ I Have No One Else To Ask ~ The Reader soundtrack

Persian Classical Music ~ Dastgah Mahour

Balmorhea ~ Settler
Timothy Andres ~ Exit Music (for a film) ~ Radiohead

Bonus Link: HGP Anthem

6/10/09 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Symphony #2

Eliane Aberdam ~ Sans Faiblir, la nuit attend le soleil (for piano trio)

Music for Internets
Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
Chris McIntyre ~ Quartet Music #1
David T. Little ~ East Coast Attitude

Jenny Q Chai ~ Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 1941 ~ Annie Gosfield
Andrew Norman ~ Drip Blip Sparkle Spin Glint Glide Glow Float Flop Chop Pop Shatter Splash
Timothy Andres ~ Sorbet

Tristan Perich ~ Perhaps

Kronos Quartet ~ Tashweesh ~ Ramallah Underground
Uri Caine ~ the Drummer Boy (from The Boy's Magic Horn ~ Mahler)
Annie Gosfield ~ Blue Serge
Edgard Varese ~ Nocturnal
Clara Rockmore ~ Pastorale ~ Anis Fuliehan

Kronos Quartet ~ Purple Haze

5/27/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Decoration Day ~ intro by Lou Harrison
Charles Ives ~ They Are There

Kronos Quartet ~ selections from Floodplain
Ya Habibi Ta'ala
Wa Habibi
Getme, Getme
Raga Mishra Bhairavi: Alap
Oh Mother, the Handsome man Tortures Me
Mugam Beyati Shiraz

Live segment promoting Boston Guitar Festival 2009

Music for Internets
Missy Mazzoli ~ Music With Everyday Objects
Timothy Andres ~ Keeping Things Whole

Steve Reich ~ Variations for Vibes, Pianos, & Strings

5/13/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Second Sonata for Violin & Piano

Alberto Ginastera ~ String Quartet No. 2

Steve Reich ~ Six Pianos

Music for Internets
Jason E. Sagebiel ~ Salvation
Missy Mazzoli ~ Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams of Pianos
Timothy Andres ~ Fast Flows the River
Jeff Harrington ~ Prelude #3 for 19ET Piano
Alexandra Gardner ~ electric blue pantsuit

Annie Gosfield ~ Lightheaded & Heavyhearted

Henry Cowell ~ Homage to Iran
Trad. Syrian ~ Dinaresade

4/29/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Symphony #3

Steve Reich ~ Triple Quartet
Bert Lams & Tom Griesgraber ~ Rebecca

Edgard Varese ~ Ecuatorial
East Village Opera Company ~ Overture Redux (Figaro)

Music for Internets
Matt McBane ~ Swelter ~ Real Quiet
Judd Greenstein ~ Rock Me Samuels ~ NOW Ensemble
Timothy Andres ~ Variations for an Odd Band

Nico Muhly ~ It Goes Without Saying
Rachel's ~ The Voyage of Camille

Johanna Beyer ~ Gebrauchs-Musik (I-V)
Apocalyptica ~ Nothing Else Matters
Spooky Actions ~ 5 Canons (Webern)

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftenspiele

4/22/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Robert Browning Overture

John Adams ~ The Dharma at Big Sur

Music for Internets
Stephen Gorbos ~ Bridges
Timothy Andres ~ How can I live in your world of ideas?
David T. Little ~ Valuable Natural Resources

Elliott Carter ~ Double Concerto for Harpsichord & Piano w/ Two Chamber Orchestras

Nico Muhly ~ Pillaging Music

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftonspiel (9/22/57)
Jacob Druckman ~ Delizie Contente che l'Alme Beate (Delights and Joys which bless the soul)
Conlon Nancarrow ~ Piece No. 2 for Small Orchestra

3/25/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ Orchestra Set #2

Roy Harris ~ Symphony #3

Gesualdo ~ Ahi, Disperata vita ~ Quinto Libro di Madrigali
Lou Harrison ~ Prelude ~ Rhymes with Silver
Gesualdo ~ Sospirava il mio core
Harrison ~ Allegro
Gesualdo ~ O malnati messaggi
Harrison ~ Scherzo

Music for Internets
Gregory Spears ~ Finishing
Missy Mazzoli ~ These Worlds In Us

Joshua Penman ~ Songs the Plants Taught Us
Timothy Andres ~ I Found It By The Sea
Wang Jie ~ Joy of Sextet

Charles Ives ~ General Booth Enters into Heaven

Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Sippal, Dobbal, Nadihegeduvel

Joe Jackson ~ Symphony #1, 1st movement

3/11/09 playlist

Listen to archive

Charles Ives ~ String Quartet #2

Darius Milhaud ~ Concerto #2

Marc Mellits ~ Disciples of Gouda ~ Real Quiet

Lou Harrison ~ Piano Concerto

Nico Muhly ~ The Only Tune

Gesualdo ~ Dolcissima Mia Vita

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftenspiele (Jan. 1958)

Arnold Schoenberg ~ Verklarte Nacht