WVVY playlist 5/2 & 3

Brad Mehldau ~ We'll Cross The River Together
Lawrence Dillon ~ Sonata:Motion
Gavin Bryars ~ Epilogue from Wonder Lawn
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing
Conrad Winslow ~ Sleepcycles
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Beehive
Michael Fiday ~ Slapback
Owen Pallett ~ The Great Elsewhere
Maestro Subgum and the Whole ~ Lullaby From A Weird Place
Louis Andriessen ~ Passeggiata in tram in America e ritorno
Noam Faingold ~ A Knife in the Water
Rachel's ~ Saccharin
Jacob Cooper ~ Untitled
Victoire ~ I am coming for my things
Ernst Reijseger ~ Hownot2
Tin Hat Trio (w/Tom Waits) ~ Helium [Reprise]
Syzygys ~ Moroccan Rose
Nick Didkovsky ~ What Sheep Herd

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  1. What a great playlist! We are honored to be part of it.