October 24th, 2012 playlist

David Kechley ~ Available Light
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Room and Board
Roomful of Teeth ~ Montmarte ~ comp. by Judd Greenstein
Newspeak ~ B&E (With Aggravated Assault) ~ comp. by Oscar Bettison
Paul Bailey Ensemble ~ Life's Too Short
John Cage ~ Credo In Us
Christopher Bailey ~ Balladei
Michael Harrison & Maya Beiser ~ Raga Prelude I (Yaman)
Ingram Marshall ~ For Tropes II for String Quartet & Tape
Eric Moe ~ 8 Point Turn ~ BMOP
Pauline Oliveros ~ II of IV
Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers ~ Springers
Jan Boermann ~ Musique Concrète (1959)

October 17th, 2012 playlist

Michael Mizrahi ~ The Bright Motion ~ comp. by Mark Dancigers
Tin Hat ~ 2 Little Whos
David Kechley ~ Dancing
itsnotyouitsme ~ I Will Watch The Sky Until The End Of My Time
Robert Fripp String Quintet ~ Bicycling To Afganistan
Sentieri Selvaggi ~ Dogma #6 ~ comp. by Filipop Del Corno
Oscar Bettison ~ O Death ~ Ensemble Klang
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Moat
Something Like Banter & the Cybernetic Inevitable All-Stars ~ Rain On Desert Sand
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Lqabblil Insanya
Pierre Henri ~ Hellzapop
dj BC ~ Einstein on the Beast

October 10th, 2012 playlist

Eric Sawyer ~ Our American Cousin ~ BMOP

October 3rd, 2012 palylist

Harold Budd ~ Bishillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
Jeffrey Weisner ~ Caelum Dedcoratum ~ comp. by Michael Hersch
John Cage ~ Use ~ So Percussion
Frank Denyer ~ Ghosts Again
Chaya Czernowin ~ Love Song ~ Red Light Ensemble
MW Ensemble ~ Songs for Cello, Piano, and a Train III
Kim Halliday ~ Eastern Games
Tin Hat ~ The Rain Is A Handsome Animal
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Strange Steps
Roomful of Teeth ~ Ansa ya ~ comp. by Merrill Garbus
Maurice Blackburn ~ Jour Apres Jour

September 26th, 2012 playlist

Joan Tower ~ Rising
Ruben Naeff ~ End of Summer Overture ~ W4 String Trio
Anthony De Ritis ~ Chords of Dust ~ BMOP
Ben Johnston ~ String Quartet #9
Lisa Moore ~ Reservoir ~ comp. by Donnacha Dennehy
Cadillac Moon Ensemble ~ Quimbombó ~ comp. by Angelica Negron
Roomful of Teeth ~ Amid the Minotaurs ~ comp. by William Brittelle
Michael Mizrahi ~ Computer Wave ~ comp. by William Brittelle
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Five Rooms Back
David Kechley ~ Untimely Passages
Sofia Gubaidulina ~ String Quartet #4 ~ Kronos Quartet
Alvin Curran ~ TransDadaExpress 2
Christopher Cerrone ~ piediemano
Tod Dockstader ~ Luna Park

September 19th, 2012 playlist

David Kechley ~ Colliding Objects
Poul Ruders ~ Offred Suite
Cadillac Moon Ensemble ~ En Route ~ comp. by André Brégégère
Jeffery Weisner ~ Mix Tape ~ comp. by Armando Bayolo
William Duckworth ~ The Time Curve Preludes Nos. XII, I, XIX, XVII, II ~ perf. by R. Andrew Lee
Ingram Marshall ~ Hymnodic Delays
So Percussion and Grey McMurray ~ This Place The Place
Ken Nordine ~ The Sound Museum
Tod Dockstader ~ Floating up
                          ~ Holiday Meltdown
                          ~ Séance
Victor Wentink ~ Discours

September 12th, 2012 playlist

Tom Johnson ~ An Hour For Piano ~ perf. by R. Andrew Lee
Sheila Silver ~ Twilight's Last Gleaming
Poul Ruders ~ Symphony #3 "Dreamcatcher"
Pauline Oliveros ~ Fed Back 1

September 5th, 2012 playlist

John Cage's 100th Birthday!!!!!

Music for Internets (of course) had to celebrate Cage's birthday with an all Cage special.

Four Walls: Act I ~ Richard Bunger & Jay Clayton
Sixteen Dances Nos. 10-16 ~ Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Credo In Us ~ So Percussion
Forever and Sunsmell ~ Carla Bley & Richard Bernas
Quartet ~ So Percussion
A Flower ~ Joelle Leandre
Imaginary Landscape #5 (second version) ~ Percussion Group Cincinnati
Williams Mix ~ John Cage
HPSCHD ~ David Tudor, etc.. [Nonesuch recording 1969]
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ John Cage
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ So Percussion
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ Percussion Group Cincinnati

August 29th, 2012 palylist

Sadly, New Albion Records have closed their doors. All of today's selections were from this wonderful label.

Aaron Jay Kernis ~ Partita ~ perf. by David Tanenbaum
Lou Harrison ~ La Koro Sutro
Ingram Marshall ~ Alcatraz
Stephen Scott ~ Rainbow I & II
Roberto Sierra ~ Sonata for Cello and Piano
Ingram Marshall ~ Savage Altars

August 22nd, 2012 playlist

Celebration of International sTRANGE mUSIC Day

Patrick Grant ~ My Pink Half of the Drainpipe
Amy X Neuburg & Men ~ Sports Chips Booty
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ The Gooseneck
Syzygys ~ A Bao A Qu
Ken Ueno ~ On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis ~ BMOP
Richard Grayson / Tom Oberheim ~ Rain
Justin H Brierley ~ The Usual Saturday Night Good Times (Kerouac remix)
Klaatu ~ Long Live Politzania
Tod Dockstader ~ Quatermass
Mr. Bungle ~ The Bends
Pietro Grossi ~ Monodia
Patrick Grant ~ One Note Sampla
Amy X Neuburg ~ Finally Black
Syzygys ~ Makekoshi Night

August 8th, 2012 playlist

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society ~ Habeus Corpus
yMusic ~ Clearing, Dawn, Dance ~ comp. by Judd Greenstein
Shulamit Ran ~ Concerto da Camera II
Jeff Adler ~ Between Worlds ~ perf. by The Hevreh Ensemble
David Lang ~ Sunray

The following works were written by Jason Noble and performed by Rachel's. Jason recently passed away at the tender age of 40.
Last Things Last
All Is Calm
Cypress Branches
To Rest Near You
NY Snow Globe
Air Conditioning/A Closed Feeling
Reflective Surfaces

The Flaming Lips ~ Space Bible With Volume Lumps
Nino Nardini ~ Planète Mars
Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ Mars
John Cage ~ Experiences No.s 2 & 1
Tom Waits ~ T'ain't No Sin
Ute Lemper ~ The Part You Throw Away
Alexander Dupuis ~ Switched-On Barack

August 1st, 2012 playlist

John Adams ~ My Father Knew Charles Ives
Timothy Andres ~ Paraphrase on a Theme of Brian Eno
The Penguin Café Orchestra ~ Zopf

The following three works were all performed by Lisa Moore
Don Byron ~ Piano Etudes 1-7
Annie Gosfield ~ Brooklyn, October 5, 1941
Donnacha Dennehy ~ Stainless Staining

Balmorhea ~ The Summer
Tin Hat Trio ~ Sweep
Owen Pallett ~ Oh Heartland Up Yours
Daniel Bjarnason ~ Skelja
Pauline Oliveros ~ Boone Bog

July 25th, 2012 playlist

Michael Gandolfi ~ Themes from a Midsummer Night ~ BMOP
Lou Harrison ~ A Summerfield Set
Ralph Shapey ~ Evocation for Violin, Cello, Piano, & Percussion
Michael Nyman ~ Bell Set #1
John Cage ~ Needles ~ So Percussion
Henry Flynt ~ Telsat Tune
Florent Ghys ~ Coma Carus
Balmorhea ~ Windandsea
Nico Muhly ~ A Farm Picture (Interlude)
Moondog ~ Minisym #1
Frank Zappa ~ Naked City
Tod Dockstader ~ Electronic Piece # 4
Pierre Henry ~ Sauts
Pauline Oliveros ~ Team and Desecrations Improvisations

July 18th, 2012 playlist

Scott Brickman ~ L'Orfeo
Nicholas Vasallo ~ Antares Rising
Alvin Curran ~ Inner Cities 2
Molly Herron ~ Open Systems ~ JACK Quartet
Balmorhea ~ Baleen Morning
Michael Gordon ~ For Madeline
Amy X. Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Dada Exhibit
Ted Hearne ~ Anderson Cooper and Mary Landrieu - 9.1.05
Tan Dun ~ Ghost Opera ~ Kronos Quartet
DJ Spooky ~ City Life
DJ Spooky ~ In Sea of C
William Brittelle ~ Loving the Chambered Nautilus ~ ACME
John Cage ~ Third Construction ~ So Percussion
Pauline Oliveros ~ Ringing the Mods 1 Heads
David Van Tiegham ~ Waiting for the Gizmo

July 11th, 2012 playlist

Eric Moe ~ Kick & Ride ~ BMOP
David Amram ~ Theme & Variations on "Red River Valley"
Jacob Druckman ~ Reflections on the Nature of Water
Robert Honstein ~ My friend, I understand %100 I have no girlfriend
                           ~ Why are you not answering? I do not wish to play games
                           ~ Just please let me know and that's all I ask from you
                           ~ Is it Auburn?
Balmorhea ~ We will rebuild with smooth stones
John Luther Adams ~ River With No Willows
Theo Loevendie ~ Ackermusik ~ Osiris Trio
Sentieri Selvaggi ~ Brightness
Andy Akiho ~ 21
John Cage ~ Imaginary Landscape No. 3
Bruce Gremo ~ Choshi Variations
Adrian Knight ~ Pink Pamphlet II
the New England Heavenly Music Company ~ Slow Down
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra ~ Radioproof X (II) Remix

July 4th, 2012 playlist

Nico Muhly ~ I Hear America Singing
Moondog ~ Avenue of the Americas (51st St.)
Gil Scott-Heron ~ Winter In America
William Brittelle ~ Future Schock (for String Quartet) ~ ACME
Dick Hymen ~ Improvisations in Fourths
David T. Little ~ How We Got Here ~ Fourth Evolution
Matt Frey ~ Descent ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Charles Ives ~ The Fourth of July
John Adams ~ American Standard
Sam Pluta ~ American Tokyo Daydream IV (Data Structures/Monoliths) ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Scott Johnson ~ Americans - I - Universal Phenomenon
Frank Zappa ~ Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America, 1992
David Felder ~ November Sky
Tod Dockstader ~ Four Telemetry Tapes
Pauline Oliveros ~ Jar Piece

June 27th, 2012 playlist

Gavin Bryars ~ The Sinking of the Titanic
Anthony de Ritis ~ Devolution ~ BMOP feat. DJ Spooky
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Cities
Pauline Oliveros ~ Time Perspectives

June 20th, 2012 playlist

Red Light New Music composers Scott Wollschlegger, Christopher Cerrone, and Vincent Raikhel re-imagine works by Mozart
Scott Blasco ~ Queen of Heaven
Alan Schmitz ~ Dance and Dream Sequence
Mei-Fang Lin ~ Yarny/Wiry
Scott Brickman ~ Snowball
John King ~ No Nickel Blues ~ Ethel
Owen Pallett ~ Tryst With Mephistopheles
William Brittelle ~ Future Schock (for Cello)
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra ~ The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter
Harold Budd ~ Juno
John Cage ~ Music of Changes II
                 ~ The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs
                 ~ 16 Dances #1-7

June 6th, 2012 playlist

Nancy Galbraith ~ Other Sun
Nicholas Vasallo ~ Explosions in the Sky
Evan Ziporyn ~ Mumbai
Anthony Paul de Ritis ~ Devolution ~ BMOP featuring DJ Spooky
William Brittelle ~ Loon Birds In Meshed Crystal
Corey Dargel ~ Everybody Says I'm Beautiful
Todd Reynolds ~ Inward Bound
Tod Dockstader ~ Babbel
Owen Pallett ~ Honour the dead, or else
Gavin Bryars ~ The Squirrel and the Ricketty Racketty Bridge
Steve Layton ~ Delirious
Harrison Birtwistle ~ Tragoedia

May 30th, 2012 playlist

David Felder ~ Journal
Dylan Mattingly ~ Six Night Sunrise (Music Barges and Metallic Stars) ~ Contemporaneous
Julian Wachner ~ Enchantment
Ruben Naeff ~ Fill the Present Day With Joy
Bob Ostertag ~ All the Rage ~ Kronos Quartet
William Brittelle ~ Future Shock (for string quartet)
Raz Mesinai ~ La Citadelle ~ Ethel
Arlene Sierra ~ Ballistae ~ ICE
Amy X Neuburg ~ Life Stepped In
Danielle Eva Schwob ~ Far From Me
Max Eastley ~ Elastic Aerophone / Centriphone
ensemble, et al. ~ Confessions of an Honest Man
Blevin Blechtom ~ Worms - Convoluted Aerate
Tod Dockstader ~ Apocalypse

May 23rd 2012 playlist

John Supko ~ This Window Makes Me Feel
David Lang ~ Sunray
Amy X Neuburg ~ Shrapnel
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ Cremation Music
Tom Waits ~ Oily Night
Nick Vasallo ~ Oblivion
Zack Browning ~ Secret Pulse ~ Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Pauline Oliveros ~ The Roots of the Moment
Keeril Makan ~ Resonance Alloy

May 16th, 2012 playlist

Alvin Curran ~ Music Is Not Music
David Brynyar Franzson ~ The Negotiation of Context - B ~ Yarn/Wire
Scott Brickman ~ Knotty Pines ~ Duo 46
Nico Muhly ~ Drones & Piano ~ Bruce Brubaker
Tim Hansen ~ Goldbrick Oilslick ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Evan Ziporyn ~ Big Grenadilla ~ BMOP
Music Of Our Time 1967
Ingram Marshall ~ Peaceable Kingdom
Martin Bresnick ~ Caprichos Enfaticos ~ Lisa Moore and So Percussion

May 2nd, 2012 playlist

Lee Hyla ~ At Suma Beach ~ BMOP
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing
Alarm Will Sound ~ Mt. Saint Michel
Morris Knight ~ The Origin of the Prophesy
Steven Gorbos ~ Plunge
Nico Muhly ~ The Egg
Maestro Subgum and the Whole ~ Rubber Hose
Syzygys ~ Badol Bashimu
Frank Zappa ~ Secular Humanism
William Bolcom ~ Scherzino ~ Prism Quartet
Beata Moon ~ Piano Sonata
Adrian Knight ~ Världens Undergång

April 25th, 2012 playlist

Dylan Mattingly ~ Atlas of Somewhere (On The Way To Howland Island) ~ Contemporaneous
Nicholas Vasallo ~ The Fifth World
Marcelo Zarvos ~ Rounds ~ Ethel
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra
Eric Wubbels ~ alphabeta ~ Yarn/Wire
Alvin Curran ~ In Hora Mortis
John Cage ~ 24x24 ~ So Percussion
John Cage ~ Child of Tree ~ So Percussion
Harrison Birtwistle ~ Chronometer ~ realized by Peter Zinovieff

April 18th, 2012 playlist

Also a partial playlist, this time of the first two hours.

Molly Heron ~ Pretty Machines ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
ensemble, et al. ~ In a Crowded Room With Nothing to Think About
Julia Wolfe ~ Early That Summer ~ Ethel
Alex Mincek ~ To Nowhere From Nowhere ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Art Jarvinen ~ Edges ~ Some Over History
Aaron Siegel ~ Science Is Only A Sometimes Friend
Zack Browning ~ String Quartet ~ JACK Quartet

April 11th, 2012 playlist

This is only a partial playlist of the first hour.

Dylan Mattingly ~ Lighthouse (Refuge Music by a Pacific Expatriate) ~ Contemporaneous
Alvin Curran ~ For Mg
John Halle ~ Spheres ~ Ethel
Sam Pluta ~ Tile Mosaic (after Chagall) ~ Yarn/Wire
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ Some Bang Goin' On
Aaron Siegel ~ A Diminished Thing

April 4th, 2012 playlist

Post New Music Bake Sale wrap-up

Aaron Siegel ~ Every Morning, A History
Tim Hansen ~ Good Times ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Alex Mincek ~ Pendulum VI: Trigger ~ Yarn/Wire
Zack Browning ~ Secret Pulse ~ Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Matt Frey ~ Compression ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Tod Machover ~ Towards the Center
Max Eastley ~ Metallophone
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ The Evils of Pots
Alvin Curran ~ Romulus and Remus Make a Ruckus
Péter Eötvös ~ Music for New York
Charlemagne Palestine ~ Strumming Music for Strings


Hello all, especially my new New Music Bake Sale friends! Just letting everyone know that Music for Internets will be on a brief two week hiatus, but I will be back on air March 28th for WRIU's annual fundraiser and then resuming regular programming on April 4th. Looking forward to airing all the new goodies I got this weekend!


February 29th, 2012

It's an "extra" day so that sounds like a good reason to play some "extra" crazy music!

So Percussion ~ Credo In Us (UC Davis 10.30.11) ~ John Cage
John Oswald ~ Anon
itsnotyouitsme ~ Bluebird (In My Heart)
Henry Flynt ~ S&M Delerium
Annie Gosfield ~ The Harmony of the Body-Machine
Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers ~ Bijou
So Percussion ~ Bottles 1812 (UC Davis 10.30.11) ~ John Cage


Hey all,

I've been pretty busy with school and the Dockstader project so I've been slacking on posting my playlists. I may be able to reconstruct some of them, but in the meantime I'll just post the most recent show.

Jan. 25th, 2012

All selections by Boston Modern Orchestra Project

David Rakowski ~ Piano Concerto
Eric Moe ~ Superhero
Louis Andriessen ~ Passeggiata in tram in America e ritorno
Alan Hovhaness ~ Soprano Saxophone Concerto
Lisa Bielawa ~ Double Violin Concerto
Elliott Schwartz ~ Chamber Concerto III
Charles Fussell ~ High Bridge Prelude
Derek Bermel ~ Thracian Echoes

Jan. 18th, 2012

Ingram Marshall ~ Fog Tropes II for String Quartet and Tape
Christopher Cerrone ~ Scene 3 from Invisible Cities
David Lang ~ Table of Contents ~ perf. by Meehan/Perkins Duo
David Lang ~ Sunray ~ perf. by Bang on a Can All-Stars
Yannis Vlachopoulos ~ Morphs II
Poul Ruders ~ Trio Transendentale
Nancy Galbraith ~ Sacred Songs & Interludes
Chaya Czernowin ~ Six Miniatures and a Simultaneous Song
Steven Feld ~ Seyak, Butcherbird
Justin H Brierley ~ Pinetum

Jan. 11th, 2012

Christopher Shultis ~ Devisadero
Stephen Barber ~ Marbles
Florent Ghys ~ Division Par Zero, Depassement De Cap
Kronos Quartet ~ Chavosuite ~ comp. by Ricardo Gallardo
Tod Machover ~ Sparkler
Tod Dockstader ~ Swell
Todd Reynolds ~ A Needle Pulling Fred ~ comp. by Phil Kline
Steven Mackey ~ Ars Moriendi
Meehan/Perkins Duo ~ Travel Diary ~ comp. by Paul Lansky
Build ~ Anchor
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Ingram Marshall ~ Weather Report

Jan. 4th, 2012

Robert Paterson ~ The Thin Ice of Your Fragile Mind
Osvaldo Golijov ~ K'In Sventa Ch'Ul Me'Tik Kwadulupe ~ Kronos Quartet
Ryan Lott ~ Beautiful Mechanical ~ yMusic
Arlene Sierra ~ Colmena ~ International Contemporary Ensemble
Arthur Levering ~ School of Velocity
Eric Moe ~ 8 Point Turn ~ BMOP
Tod Dockstader ~ First Moon
Davis Lang ~ Memory Pieces
Build ~ Cleave
Wires Under Tension ~ Mnemonics in Motion
Lisa Miles ~ Punk No. 2
Alarm Will Sound ~ Preb Gwarlek  3B Remix
Jean-Claude Eloy ~ Fushiki-e, Selection 1