So apparently the archive system at has decided that it hates me and hasn't been automatically recording my shows the way it's supposed to. From what I understand a new, more stable system is being worked on which will also enable people to subscribe to a pod cast. My apologies to anyone who may have hoped to listen to either of the more recent shows.

6/24/09 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Unanswered Question

NOW Ensemble ~ Folk Music ~ Judd Greenstein
Build ~ Drivin' ~ Matt McBane

Pulsoptional ~ How Terrible Orange ~ Jennifer Fitzgerald
Annie Godfield ~ Four Roses
Arthur Russell ~ selection from Tower of Meaning

Music for Internets
Alex Temple ~ Slightly Less Awkward People
Missy Mazzoli ~ In Spite of All This

Andrew Norman ~ Gran Turismo
Dan Visconti ~ Low Country Haze
Stephen Gorbos ~ Alleluia (Hey Hey Hey)

Hybrid Groove Project ~ attic instruments (demix)
Andrew Staniland ~ despite bright ideas
Christopher Cerrone ~ Requiem (for K.V.)

Nico Muhly ~ A Hudson Cycle ~ Speaks Volumes
Nico Muhly ~ Etude 1A ~ Nadia Sirota
Nico Muhly ~ I Have No One Else To Ask ~ The Reader soundtrack

Persian Classical Music ~ Dastgah Mahour

Balmorhea ~ Settler
Timothy Andres ~ Exit Music (for a film) ~ Radiohead

Bonus Link: HGP Anthem

6/10/09 playlist

Charles Ives ~ Symphony #2

Eliane Aberdam ~ Sans Faiblir, la nuit attend le soleil (for piano trio)

Music for Internets
Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
Chris McIntyre ~ Quartet Music #1
David T. Little ~ East Coast Attitude

Jenny Q Chai ~ Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 1941 ~ Annie Gosfield
Andrew Norman ~ Drip Blip Sparkle Spin Glint Glide Glow Float Flop Chop Pop Shatter Splash
Timothy Andres ~ Sorbet

Tristan Perich ~ Perhaps

Kronos Quartet ~ Tashweesh ~ Ramallah Underground
Uri Caine ~ the Drummer Boy (from The Boy's Magic Horn ~ Mahler)
Annie Gosfield ~ Blue Serge
Edgard Varese ~ Nocturnal
Clara Rockmore ~ Pastorale ~ Anis Fuliehan

Kronos Quartet ~ Purple Haze

5/27/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Decoration Day ~ intro by Lou Harrison
Charles Ives ~ They Are There

Kronos Quartet ~ selections from Floodplain
Ya Habibi Ta'ala
Wa Habibi
Getme, Getme
Raga Mishra Bhairavi: Alap
Oh Mother, the Handsome man Tortures Me
Mugam Beyati Shiraz

Live segment promoting Boston Guitar Festival 2009

Music for Internets
Missy Mazzoli ~ Music With Everyday Objects
Timothy Andres ~ Keeping Things Whole

Steve Reich ~ Variations for Vibes, Pianos, & Strings

5/13/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Second Sonata for Violin & Piano

Alberto Ginastera ~ String Quartet No. 2

Steve Reich ~ Six Pianos

Music for Internets
Jason E. Sagebiel ~ Salvation
Missy Mazzoli ~ Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams of Pianos
Timothy Andres ~ Fast Flows the River
Jeff Harrington ~ Prelude #3 for 19ET Piano
Alexandra Gardner ~ electric blue pantsuit

Annie Gosfield ~ Lightheaded & Heavyhearted

Henry Cowell ~ Homage to Iran
Trad. Syrian ~ Dinaresade

4/29/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Symphony #3

Steve Reich ~ Triple Quartet
Bert Lams & Tom Griesgraber ~ Rebecca

Edgard Varese ~ Ecuatorial
East Village Opera Company ~ Overture Redux (Figaro)

Music for Internets
Matt McBane ~ Swelter ~ Real Quiet
Judd Greenstein ~ Rock Me Samuels ~ NOW Ensemble
Timothy Andres ~ Variations for an Odd Band

Nico Muhly ~ It Goes Without Saying
Rachel's ~ The Voyage of Camille

Johanna Beyer ~ Gebrauchs-Musik (I-V)
Apocalyptica ~ Nothing Else Matters
Spooky Actions ~ 5 Canons (Webern)

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftenspiele

4/22/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Robert Browning Overture

John Adams ~ The Dharma at Big Sur

Music for Internets
Stephen Gorbos ~ Bridges
Timothy Andres ~ How can I live in your world of ideas?
David T. Little ~ Valuable Natural Resources

Elliott Carter ~ Double Concerto for Harpsichord & Piano w/ Two Chamber Orchestras

Nico Muhly ~ Pillaging Music

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftonspiel (9/22/57)
Jacob Druckman ~ Delizie Contente che l'Alme Beate (Delights and Joys which bless the soul)
Conlon Nancarrow ~ Piece No. 2 for Small Orchestra

3/25/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Orchestra Set #2

Roy Harris ~ Symphony #3

Gesualdo ~ Ahi, Disperata vita ~ Quinto Libro di Madrigali
Lou Harrison ~ Prelude ~ Rhymes with Silver
Gesualdo ~ Sospirava il mio core
Harrison ~ Allegro
Gesualdo ~ O malnati messaggi
Harrison ~ Scherzo

Music for Internets
Gregory Spears ~ Finishing
Missy Mazzoli ~ These Worlds In Us

Joshua Penman ~ Songs the Plants Taught Us
Timothy Andres ~ I Found It By The Sea
Wang Jie ~ Joy of Sextet

Charles Ives ~ General Booth Enters into Heaven

Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Sippal, Dobbal, Nadihegeduvel

Joe Jackson ~ Symphony #1, 1st movement

3/11/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ String Quartet #2

Darius Milhaud ~ Concerto #2

Marc Mellits ~ Disciples of Gouda ~ Real Quiet

Lou Harrison ~ Piano Concerto

Nico Muhly ~ The Only Tune

Gesualdo ~ Dolcissima Mia Vita

Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolftenspiele (Jan. 1958)

Arnold Schoenberg ~ Verklarte Nacht