10/28/09 playlist

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All vocal show

David Lang ~ the Little Match Girl Passion

Nico Muhly ~ Mothertongue

Joshua Shank ~ Six Color Madrigals
Serpents in Red Roses Hissing
Blue! 'Tis the Life of Heaven
Purple-Stained Mouth
Yellow Brooms and Cold Mountains
A Grass-Green Pillow
Orange-Mounts of More Soft Ascent

Stephen Gorbos ~ Four Sonnets
How Heavy Do I Journey
When I have seen
For Restful Death
Then do mine eyes but see

Jacob Cooper ~ Timberbrit
David T. Little ~ Sweet Light Crude (performed by Newspeak)
John Supko ~ Banking
Amy X Neuburg ~ Residue

Gregory Spears ~ The Golden Legend
St. Vincent
St. Jerome
St. Eustace
Jody Redhage ~ Did You See Me Walking?
Corey Dargel ~ Lullaby (For 48x From Rachel)

Christopher Cerrone ~ Beautiful Dreamer

This just in!

Greetings my lovelies,
There's lots of good things happening here in RadioLand! For starters I've been busily searching ye ol' Interwebs to find delicious New Music to play for you. Several composers have been generous enough to send their music my way, so there'll be plenty of new works to hear. I'm also planning several features on contemporary composers including Andrew Norman, Nico Muhly, and David T. Little's ensemble Newspeak. Speaking of Nico, I interviewed him yesterday for an upcoming Providence Singers concert which will feature all works from the 20th & 21st centuries.

My roommate Christopher has been filling in at the station on a fairly regular basis. He's been focusing on music from 1900-1940, or what he likes to call "After Brahms, before Darmstadt." He's been playing works by overlooked composers like Zemlinsky, Koechlin, and Szymanowski, and starts every show with a piece of Milhaud. I'll be adding his playlists and archive links to this blog. Look for his upcoming shows in the listings to the left.

And speaking of up coming shows, here's The Big News!

Starting in November, I'll be on every week! WRIU's regular Friday DJ, Ron Marsh (who's been at the station for 26 years!) has asked me to alternate with him for an indefinite period of time. So, I'll be hosting Divertimento every 1st & 3rd Friday in addition to my regular 2nd & 4th Wednesday. Sound confusing? (how do you think I feel? ;-P) Not to worry though, in the usual "Upcoming Shows" space I'll continue to list the exact dates of my shows, so keep an eye on that to catch the show.

Until next time, keep your ears and mind open, and never give up on the power of music!

10/14/09 playlist

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Judd Greenstein ~ Cello Sonata

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You
(w/ intro by the composer)

Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music
Balmorhea ~ Dream of Thaw
Arthur Russell ~ Instrumentals vol. 1
Alarm Will Sound ~ Logon Rock Witch

Chris Turner & Peter Wetzler ~ Tango Melange
Jody Redhage ~ All Sumer in a Day
Jacob Cooper ~ For Time To Pour
John Supko Without Stopping

NOW Ensemble ~ All Together Now ~ composed by Patrick Burke
Matthew Welch ~ Enantiomorphs: For Four Clarinets
Kyle Gann ~ So Many Little Dyings
Rachel's ~ Southbound To Marion

Kate Soper ~ Nine Rakes
Derek Bermel ~ Voices, for Solo Clarinet & Orchestra