January 2nd, 2013 playlist

Iva Bittová ~ Ne Nehledej
Zoe Keating ~ Tetrishead
Erik Friedlander ~ Block Ice & Propane
Zach Miskin & Todd Reynolds ~ Seatbelt Assembly
Moondog ~ Cosmic Meditation
Colin Stetson ~ Lord I just can't keep from crying sometimes
Pedro Soler ~ Sueños Indecisos (Tientos)
Balmorhea ~ Artifact
Hildur Gudnadottir ~ Reflection
Deaf Center ~ Close Forever Waiting
Mike Patton ~ 19-Radius of Convergence
Gavin Bryars ~ Pre-Mediaeval Metrics
Justin H Brierley ~ Record Collecting
Michel Chion ~ Le Chant Des Heures

December 26th, 2012 playlist

Maya Beiser & Michael Harrison ~ Just Ancient Loops I-III
Christopher Shultis ~ Openings
Arthur Levering ~ Tesserae
Eighth Blackbird ~ Changing Light ~ comp. by Benjamin Broening
Gregory Spears ~ Requiem
Harry Partch ~ Windsong
Gavin Bryars ~ The Briar and the Rose
Mariel Roberts ~ Teaser ~ comp. by Sean Friar
Christopher Bailey ~ Abstraction 6
Ken Nordine ~ The Sound Museum

December 19th, 2012 playlist

Andy Akiho ~ 21
David Kechley ~ Untimely Passages
Derek Bermel ~ At the End of the World ~ perf. by Alarm Will Sound
Tod Machover ~ Sparkler
Arthur Levering ~ School of Velocity
Dylan Mattingly ~ Six Night Sunrise ~ perf. by Contemporaneous
Missy Mazzoli ~ Song From The Uproar
Tod Dockstader ~ Four Telemetry Tapes

December 12th, 2012 playlist

Elliott Carter ~ Symphony #1
Frank Zappa ~ The Adventures of Greggery Peccary ~ perf. by Ensemble Modern
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Where (We) Live
Frank Zappa ~ Library Card ~ perf. by Ensemble Modern
Frank Zappa ~ N-Lite

December 5th, 2012 playlist

Eighth Blackbird ~ Trembling Air ~ comp. by Benjamin Broening
Christopher Bailey ~ Walking down the hillside at Cortona, and seeing its tower rise before me
5th Species ~ Trilling
Robert Paterson ~ Fantasia
Ken Butler ~ Instru-Matics
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Five Rooms Down
Nico Muhly ~ The Only Tune
Newspeak ~ B&E (With Aggravated Assault)
Alvin Curran ~ Return To Sender
Wires Under Tension ~ (last track from Light Science)
Music For Homemade Instruments ~ Morningtown Ride
Mariel Roberts ~ Saint Arc ~ comp. by Daniel Wohl
Pauline Oliveros ~ Nite
Don Cherry ~ Abo

November 28th, 2012 playlist

Derek Bermel ~ Canzonas Americanas ~ perf. by Alarm Will Sound
Makoto Nakura ~ Arbor Una Nobilis ~ comp. by Jacob Bancks
Michael Mizrahi ~ Unravel ~ comp. by Patrick Burke
Tin Hat ~ If Up's The Word
Balmorhea ~ The Winter
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ Strangers All Along
Henri Pousseur ~ Racine Dix-Neuvieme De Huit-Quarts
Christopher Bailey ~ Out Of
Scott Walker ~ And Who Shall Go To The Ball?
Keeril Makan ~ Resonance Alloy

November 21st, 2012 playlist

Robert Paterson ~ Tongue and Groove
Derek Bermel ~ Three Rivers ~ perf. by Alarm Will Sound
Eighth Blackbird ~ Nocturne/Doubles ~ comp. by Benjamin Broening
Jennifer Higdon ~ City Scape
Julia Wolfe ~ LAD ~ perf. by Matthew Welch
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ All Along
Christopher Bailey ~ Aftermath
Roomful of Teeth ~ 4 Pieces ~ comp. by Caroline Shaw
Mariel Roberts ~ Formations ~ comp. by Tristan Perich
Alain Clavier ~ Metadata

November 14th, 2012 playlist

Robert Paterson ~ Clarinatrix
Florent Ghys ~ Quatrieme
Mariel Roberts ~ Three Shades, Foreshadows ~ comp. by Andy Akiho
Shulamit Ran ~ Hatzvi Israel Eulogy
5th Species ~ Inside The Dance of Rain ~ comp. by David Mott
Julia Wolfe ~ Tell Me Everything
Roomful of Teeth ~ Montmarte ~ comp. by Judd Greenstein
Eighth Blackbird ~ Dark Wood ~ comp. by Benjamin Broening
Rob Zuidam ~ Nella Citta Dolent
Cadillac Moon Ensemble ~ Revisited ~ comp. by Erich Stem
Mira Calix ~ Roundabout
Grey McMurray & So Percussion ~ In Our Rooms
Meehan/Perkins Duo ~ Diving Bell ~ comp. by Nathan Davis
Justin H Brierley ~ To Be Counted As A Conch
Christopher Bailey ~ Megurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolt

November 7th, 2012 playlist New Amsterdam tribute

Music for Internets' favorite record label, New Amsterdam Records was severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy. This episode was a tribute to the many wonderful recordings from that label. Here's to a speedy recovery.

John Supko ~ This Window Makes Me Feel
William Brittelle ~ Future Shock (for string quartet) ~ ACME
NOW Ensemble ~ Hanging There ~ Mark Dancigers
Build ~ Imagining Winter
itsnotyouitsme ~ it might be time to leave this place and go mingle with our heroes
Roomful of Teeth ~ Courante
QQQ ~ Spring
Missy Mazzoli ~ The World Within Me Is Too Small
Newspeak ~ Sweet Light Crude
yMusic ~ Proven Badlands ~ Annie Clark
Tin Hat ~ Open His Head
Victoire ~ A Door in the Dark
Sarah Kirkland Snider ~ Home
Ted Hearne ~ Anderson Cooper & Mary Landrieu
                   ~ Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job
Matt Marks ~ I Don't Have Any Fun
Corey Dargel ~ The Men We Used To Be
Aaron Roche ~ Etude
William Brittelle ~ Vivid Culture