July 25th, 2012 playlist

Michael Gandolfi ~ Themes from a Midsummer Night ~ BMOP
Lou Harrison ~ A Summerfield Set
Ralph Shapey ~ Evocation for Violin, Cello, Piano, & Percussion
Michael Nyman ~ Bell Set #1
John Cage ~ Needles ~ So Percussion
Henry Flynt ~ Telsat Tune
Florent Ghys ~ Coma Carus
Balmorhea ~ Windandsea
Nico Muhly ~ A Farm Picture (Interlude)
Moondog ~ Minisym #1
Frank Zappa ~ Naked City
Tod Dockstader ~ Electronic Piece # 4
Pierre Henry ~ Sauts
Pauline Oliveros ~ Team and Desecrations Improvisations

July 18th, 2012 playlist

Scott Brickman ~ L'Orfeo
Nicholas Vasallo ~ Antares Rising
Alvin Curran ~ Inner Cities 2
Molly Herron ~ Open Systems ~ JACK Quartet
Balmorhea ~ Baleen Morning
Michael Gordon ~ For Madeline
Amy X. Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Dada Exhibit
Ted Hearne ~ Anderson Cooper and Mary Landrieu - 9.1.05
Tan Dun ~ Ghost Opera ~ Kronos Quartet
DJ Spooky ~ City Life
DJ Spooky ~ In Sea of C
William Brittelle ~ Loving the Chambered Nautilus ~ ACME
John Cage ~ Third Construction ~ So Percussion
Pauline Oliveros ~ Ringing the Mods 1 Heads
David Van Tiegham ~ Waiting for the Gizmo

July 11th, 2012 playlist

Eric Moe ~ Kick & Ride ~ BMOP
David Amram ~ Theme & Variations on "Red River Valley"
Jacob Druckman ~ Reflections on the Nature of Water
Robert Honstein ~ My friend, I understand %100 I have no girlfriend
                           ~ Why are you not answering? I do not wish to play games
                           ~ Just please let me know and that's all I ask from you
                           ~ Is it Auburn?
Balmorhea ~ We will rebuild with smooth stones
John Luther Adams ~ River With No Willows
Theo Loevendie ~ Ackermusik ~ Osiris Trio
Sentieri Selvaggi ~ Brightness
Andy Akiho ~ 21
John Cage ~ Imaginary Landscape No. 3
Bruce Gremo ~ Choshi Variations
Adrian Knight ~ Pink Pamphlet II
the New England Heavenly Music Company ~ Slow Down
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra ~ Radioproof X (II) Remix

July 4th, 2012 playlist

Nico Muhly ~ I Hear America Singing
Moondog ~ Avenue of the Americas (51st St.)
Gil Scott-Heron ~ Winter In America
William Brittelle ~ Future Schock (for String Quartet) ~ ACME
Dick Hymen ~ Improvisations in Fourths
David T. Little ~ How We Got Here ~ Fourth Evolution
Matt Frey ~ Descent ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Charles Ives ~ The Fourth of July
John Adams ~ American Standard
Sam Pluta ~ American Tokyo Daydream IV (Data Structures/Monoliths) ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Scott Johnson ~ Americans - I - Universal Phenomenon
Frank Zappa ~ Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America, 1992
David Felder ~ November Sky
Tod Dockstader ~ Four Telemetry Tapes
Pauline Oliveros ~ Jar Piece

June 27th, 2012 playlist

Gavin Bryars ~ The Sinking of the Titanic
Anthony de Ritis ~ Devolution ~ BMOP feat. DJ Spooky
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Cities
Pauline Oliveros ~ Time Perspectives

June 20th, 2012 playlist

Red Light New Music composers Scott Wollschlegger, Christopher Cerrone, and Vincent Raikhel re-imagine works by Mozart
Scott Blasco ~ Queen of Heaven
Alan Schmitz ~ Dance and Dream Sequence
Mei-Fang Lin ~ Yarny/Wiry
Scott Brickman ~ Snowball
John King ~ No Nickel Blues ~ Ethel
Owen Pallett ~ Tryst With Mephistopheles
William Brittelle ~ Future Schock (for Cello)
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra ~ The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter
Harold Budd ~ Juno
John Cage ~ Music of Changes II
                 ~ The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs
                 ~ 16 Dances #1-7