Archive update

We've worked out the problem with the archive and all three July shows are now up. June shows are still missing, but I suppose that's part of the transitory nature of radio. I particularly recommend the July 22nd broadcast, which is a feature on Timothy Andres.

7/29/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Yale-Princeton Football Game

Robert Honstein ~ Waterloo Dance Hall
Ted Hearne ~ Cordavi & Fig
Christopher Cerrone ~ Variations on a Still Point
Andrew Norman ~ Alabaster Rounds
Timothy Andres ~ I found it in the woods

Scott Smallwood ~ Boyd & McWilliams
John Supko ~ Even in Arcady
Gregory Spears ~ Etude 4

Interview with URI composer, Peter Gilli

QQQ ~ Unpacking The Trailer

Judd Greenstein ~ Free Speech Zone

Balmorhea ~ Remembrance
Build ~ Imagining Winter
Nico Muhly ~ Honest Music
Stephen Gorbos ~ Sorrows with the Moon
Sean Shephard ~ The birds are nervous, the birds have scattered

7/22/09 playlist

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Interview & Feature on Timothy Andres
compositions in bold by Timothy Andres
more info at

Charles Ives ~ Piano Sonata #2 (Alcotts) ~ perf. Timo
Some Connecticut Gospel
Brahms ~ Op.25 (excerpt)
I Found It By The Sea
Britten ~ The Foggy, Foggy Dew
Fast Flows the River
John Adams ~ China Gates ~ perf. Timo
Radiohead ~ Everything In Its Right Placce
Radiohead ~ Exit Music (for a film) ~ perf. Timo
the Beta Band ~ Monolith (excerpt)
Brian Eno ~ Julie With...
Grizzly Bear ~ Foreground
Ligeti ~ Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano ~ perf. Timo
How can I live in your world of ideas?
Night Jaunt
Home Stretch

7/8/9 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Fourth of July ~ w/narration by Lou Harrison

Nadia Sirota ~ The Night Gatherers
Build ~ In The Backyard

NOW Ensemble ~ Hypno-germ ~ Patrick Burke
Balmorhea ~ Harm and Boon

Sean Shephard ~ Octet

Music for Internets
Andrew Norman ~ Unstuck
Glissando Bin Laden ~ Rumble Seven

New York Miniaturist Ensemble
~ 6 Notes ~ Darren Nelson
~ Ombra di Aria ~ Diaz de Leon
~ Path Bond Grid ~ D.E. Davis
~ To Canaan's ~ Daniel Davis

Victoire ~ Like a Miracle
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Overture

Flux Quartet ~ Siubhal Turnlar i ~ Matthew Welch
Anti-Social Music ~ PortRait2_**NYC2k2
Betsey Biggs ~ Spell

Dan Visconti ~ Black Bend
Stephen Gorbos ~ Football Season is Over
Alex Temple ~ The Last Resort Party Band

Timothy Andres ~ Some Connecticut Gospel