06/15/10 playlist WRIU Divertimento fill-in

I'm occasionally asked to fill in for some of the other Divertimento Classical hosts on WRIU and when I do I tend to play music from a wider time period than my usual "music of the last thirty years." For this recent fill in date I decided to go old-school. I went to the station with no laptop, no cd's, no idea what I was going to play, and headed to our Vinyl Vault to see what goodies I could unearth.

Charles Ives ~ Sonata for Violin & Piano #1

Ravi Shakar & Yehudi Menuhin ~ Swara-Kakali
selections from an LP called "Golden Dance Hits of 1600"
Preston Trombly ~ Kinetics III for Flute & Electronics

Serge Koussevitsky ~ three short pieces for Bass & Piano
Handel ~ Concerto in D minor op.3 no. 5

Barbara Kolb ~ Spring River Flowers Moon Night
Stravinsky ~ Symphonies for Wind Instruments

Teo Macero ~ One-Three Quarters
Harry Partch ~ The Dreamer That Remains

Thea Musgrave ~ Chamber Concerto No. 2

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