Show 028

The following program aired 10/22 on WRIU and 10/24&25 on WVVY

Virgil Thompson ~ Three Pictures for Orchestra ~ BMOP
Victoire ~ The Diver
Janus ~ Keymaster
Nico Muhly ~ Expecting the Main Things from You
Jack Gallagher ~ Symphony in One Movement
DanĂ­el Bjarnason ~ Skelja
Jack Vees ~ The Restaurant Behind the Pier
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Kyle Gann ~ Bud Ran Back Out

The following aired only on WRIU

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

The following aired only on WVVY

Gabriel Prokofiev ~ String Quartet #1
Even Ziporyn ~ Tire Fire ~ Gamelan Galak Tika
Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #1

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