The *big* news

So, I've been hinting at some big news to come, and here it is.

A second radio station is going to be airing Music for Internets! And not only that, but it will run twice per week.

The station is WVVY 93.7 LPFM on Martha's Vineyard and streaming online at Music for Internets will air every Sunday night from 9 to midnight, and then a repeat of the same program on Monday afternoon from 2-5 PM EST. We had a partial test run today and should have the tech issues ironed out. If all goes to plan the first broadcast should be this coming Sunday, March 28th.

For the time being, my WRIU and WVVY broadcasts will be different from one another, which means I'll be presenting five and a half hours of unique programming every week, with two opportunities to hear three of those hours.

So tune in and join me in exploring the wonderful and exciting world of Modern Classical/New Music/Indie-Classical, etc... and more!

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