WVVY playlist 8/15 & 16

Lisa Bielawa ~ Double Violin Concerto
Lou Harrison ~ Suite for Percussion
Perry Goldstein ~ Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Water
William Brittelle ~ Sheena Easton
Jack Vees ~ Stigmata Non Grata
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ 'Crate Diggin' remix of Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
ETHEL ~ The River of Our Times ~ comp. by Amanda Shackleford
Tin Hat Trio ~ Light Black From Pole To Pole
Tom Waits ~ Russian Dance
Mira Calix ~ The Cord Is Cut
Corey Dargel ~ There Is No Cure
Univers Zero ~ Straight Edge
Christopher Cerrone ~ Music For Chameleons
Johnny and Faith ~ Love Without Borders
Gray Code ~ Topsy's Hawser
DBR ~ The Need To Be
Julia Wolfe ~ LAD
Robert Wyatt ~ Alifib/Alifie
Nadia Sirota ~ Etude 1A ~ comp. by Nico Muhly

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