May 23rd 2012 playlist

John Supko ~ This Window Makes Me Feel
David Lang ~ Sunray
Amy X Neuburg ~ Shrapnel
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ Cremation Music
Tom Waits ~ Oily Night
Nick Vasallo ~ Oblivion
Zack Browning ~ Secret Pulse ~ Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Pauline Oliveros ~ The Roots of the Moment
Keeril Makan ~ Resonance Alloy

May 16th, 2012 playlist

Alvin Curran ~ Music Is Not Music
David Brynyar Franzson ~ The Negotiation of Context - B ~ Yarn/Wire
Scott Brickman ~ Knotty Pines ~ Duo 46
Nico Muhly ~ Drones & Piano ~ Bruce Brubaker
Tim Hansen ~ Goldbrick Oilslick ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Evan Ziporyn ~ Big Grenadilla ~ BMOP
Music Of Our Time 1967
Ingram Marshall ~ Peaceable Kingdom
Martin Bresnick ~ Caprichos Enfaticos ~ Lisa Moore and So Percussion

May 2nd, 2012 playlist

Lee Hyla ~ At Suma Beach ~ BMOP
Ingram Marshall ~ Woodstone
Lisa Bielawa ~ A Collective Cleansing
Alarm Will Sound ~ Mt. Saint Michel
Morris Knight ~ The Origin of the Prophesy
Steven Gorbos ~ Plunge
Nico Muhly ~ The Egg
Maestro Subgum and the Whole ~ Rubber Hose
Syzygys ~ Badol Bashimu
Frank Zappa ~ Secular Humanism
William Bolcom ~ Scherzino ~ Prism Quartet
Beata Moon ~ Piano Sonata
Adrian Knight ~ Världens Undergång

April 25th, 2012 playlist

Dylan Mattingly ~ Atlas of Somewhere (On The Way To Howland Island) ~ Contemporaneous
Nicholas Vasallo ~ The Fifth World
Marcelo Zarvos ~ Rounds ~ Ethel
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Concerto for Turntable and Orchestra
Eric Wubbels ~ alphabeta ~ Yarn/Wire
Alvin Curran ~ In Hora Mortis
John Cage ~ 24x24 ~ So Percussion
John Cage ~ Child of Tree ~ So Percussion
Harrison Birtwistle ~ Chronometer ~ realized by Peter Zinovieff

April 18th, 2012 playlist

Also a partial playlist, this time of the first two hours.

Molly Heron ~ Pretty Machines ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
ensemble, et al. ~ In a Crowded Room With Nothing to Think About
Julia Wolfe ~ Early That Summer ~ Ethel
Alex Mincek ~ To Nowhere From Nowhere ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Art Jarvinen ~ Edges ~ Some Over History
Aaron Siegel ~ Science Is Only A Sometimes Friend
Zack Browning ~ String Quartet ~ JACK Quartet

April 11th, 2012 playlist

This is only a partial playlist of the first hour.

Dylan Mattingly ~ Lighthouse (Refuge Music by a Pacific Expatriate) ~ Contemporaneous
Alvin Curran ~ For Mg
John Halle ~ Spheres ~ Ethel
Sam Pluta ~ Tile Mosaic (after Chagall) ~ Yarn/Wire
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ Some Bang Goin' On
Aaron Siegel ~ A Diminished Thing

April 4th, 2012 playlist

Post New Music Bake Sale wrap-up

Aaron Siegel ~ Every Morning, A History
Tim Hansen ~ Good Times ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Alex Mincek ~ Pendulum VI: Trigger ~ Yarn/Wire
Zack Browning ~ Secret Pulse ~ Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Matt Frey ~ Compression ~ West Fourth New Music Collective
Tod Machover ~ Towards the Center
Max Eastley ~ Metallophone
Music for Homemade Instruments ~ The Evils of Pots
Alvin Curran ~ Romulus and Remus Make a Ruckus
Péter Eötvös ~ Music for New York
Charlemagne Palestine ~ Strumming Music for Strings