4/28/10 playlist WRIU

Gavin Bryars ~ 1,2, 1-2-3-4
Christopher Cerrone ~ Music for Chameleons

Brad Mehldau ~ We'll Cross the River Together
Polina Nazaykinskaya ~ Winter Bells
Ronnie Reshef ~ Suicide (after Grosz)

Interview with composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) including the following works:
Sonata for Violin and Turntables pts. 1 & 2
Spaceships Over Haiti
Our Country
Zachary's Dream (from In C Remixed)

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #4 ~ perf. by Cypress String Quartet

WVVY playlist 4/25 & 26

Jack Vees ~ The Restaurant Behind the Peir
Aulis Sallinen ~ String Quartet #3 ~ perf. by Kronos Quartet
Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Old Hungarian Ballroom Dances
Florent Ghys ~ Simplement
Nico Muhly ~ Mothertongue
Pulsoptional ~ I Heart Rosa Luxemburg
Balmorhea ~ Remembrance
Yat-Kha ~ Bai-La Mongun
The Cosmic Rays ~ Dreaming
Beata Moon ~ Inter Mez Zo
Ingram Marshall ~ Hymnodic Delays
Jody Redhage ~ Postlude ~ comp. by Jacob Cooper
Lou Harrison ~ Ductia
Christopher Cerrone ~ Invisible Cities, scene 5: Venice
Conrad Winslow ~ Slippery
Noam Faingold ~ Bonaparte Born to Party
Adrian Knight ~ Music of Spaces (ii)
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Shrapnel
Ronnie Reshef ~ Thoughts and the Big City
William Brittelle ~ Hey Panda

WVVY playlist 4/18 & 19

Charles Fussell ~ Wilde: Symphony for Baritone & Orchestra ~ perf. by Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Matthew Welch ~ The Self & Other
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ the Beat of the Mesozoic
Pulsoptional ~ How Terrible Orange
Nico Muhly ~ The Only Tune
Jody Redhage ~ of minutiae and memory ~ comp. by Paula Matthusen
David Lang ~ Heroin ~ arrangement of the Velvet Underground
Final Fantasy ~ Took you two years to win my heart
Tin Hat Trio ~ Pablo Looks Back
Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Artikulation
Nico Muhly ~ In C with Canons & Bass
Lois V. Vierk ~ Red Shift
John Korsrud ~ Fun For The Whole Family
Nadia Sirota ~ The Night Gatherers ~ comp. by Judd Greenstein
Balmorhea ~ Herons
Gray Code ~ Pastoral Detune
Lukas Ligeti ~ Stories of the Unknown

WVVY playlist 4/11 & 12

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

Lisa Bielawa ~ Lamentations for a City
Ronnie Reshef ~ Lamentation of the Lovers
Josef Matthias Hauer ~ Zwolfetenspiel for Harpsichord (June 11, 1955)
itsnotyouitsme ~ we are malleable, even though they seem to own us

Icebreaker ~ Yo Shakespeare ~ comp. by Michael Gordon
the Apes of God ~ Wet Avalanche
Ted Hearne ~ Make It Out
Noam Faingold ~ Sunrise for String Quartet

Carla Bley ~ Over There
Victor Gama ~ O Olho No Anzol
Kronos Quartet ~ Listen to Me, My Fellow Countrymen
Steve Moshier ~ Two Sides
Burkina Electric ~ Bana

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You (w/intro by the composer)
David Lang ~ For Love is Strong
Bon Iver ~ Woods

Terry Riley ~ Desert of Ice
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ At The River ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Martin Wesley-Smith ~ For Marimba and Tape

Time was running wild on a million dead end streets

Indeed. There be some ch-ch-changes afoot here at Music for Internets.

I've added a links page which currently has 60 composers' websites listed and will soon have ensembles and performers listed as well. One thing this means is the playlists will now only have links when it is a new composer, performer, or ensemble that I have not played on the show before. This not only makes things easier for me, but helps to highlight new additions to the MFI repertoire.

We're still working out some technical kinks for the airing of Music for Internets on WVVY 93.7 LPFM from Martha's Vineyard (and online at wvvy.org) But it will be well worth the wait, since they will be airing the show twice a week! Be on the lookout for big, big announcements when that is up and running.

And two things that are not new, but are more prominently displayed are the "About" page and the link to become a fan on Facebook. If you are already a fan, please take a moment to click the "Suggest to Friends" button.

So, if you haven't been by the site in awhile, take a moment to pop on by. I can't say I'll make you some tea and cakes, but you'll have my eternal love and gratitude.

Until next time, Oh my Pretty Things..

04/07/10 playlist WRIU

Gavin Bryars ~ Cello Concerto "Farewell to Philosophy"

Jordan Kuspa ~ Lemon Battery
The Flaming Lips ~ The Horrors of Isolation
Tin Hat Trio ~ Elliott Carter Family
Lawrence Dillon ~ Devotion

Interview with Steven Jobe

Trad./Steven Jobe ~ Robin Hood/Turpin Here
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Sisyphus

Julia Wolfe ~ Dark Full Ride
Beata Moon ~ In Transit
Ingram Marshall ~ Fog Tropes II

Jack Vees  ~ The Restaurant Behind The Pier
Victoire ~ Like a Miracle
Balmorhea ~ Herons
Ricardo Romaneiro ~ :System Disconnected: :Mirage: :Outro:

Messiaenic Mash-Ups

Hey Kids, try this at home... or on the go!

Adjust the volume (probably down) on your stereo, iPod, etc.. until the sounds of the birds blend with what you're listening to.

Recommend discs, pieces, etc.. that this works well with.

*Bonus Points for specifying species!!!

03/31/10 playlist WRIU

Elena Ruehr ~ String Quartet #3

Lisa Bielawa ~ Lamentations For A City
Ronnie Reshef ~ Lamentation of the Lovers
itsnotyouitsme ~ we are malleable, even though they seem to own us

Interview with Michael Fiday regarding the American Composer's Orchestra's upcoming Louis & the Young Americans concert

Michael Fiday ~ Slapback
Michael Fiday ~ Dharma Pops

Victoire ~ A Song for Arthur Russell
John Korsrud ~ Danse Russe

The following works are all by Louis Andriessen
Letter from Cathy
Mouse Running
De Snelheid