Show 034

The following program aired Dec. 22nd on WRIU

Tristan Murail ~ Le Lac
Arlene Zallman ~ Nightsongs
Henri Pousseur ~ Trois Visage de Li ège
Valgier Sigur∂sson ~ The Winter Sleep
John Matthias & Nick Ryan ~ Cortical Songs (G. Prokofiev Brian Bumper remix)
Ingram Marshall ~ Alcatraz
Justin H Brierley ~ Re: Manipulated Sounds
John Cage ~ 4'33" (Mr. Scruff remix)
Adrian Knight ~ 20 maj.
Syzygys ~ Ammonite Dream
Steve Tibbets ~ Night Again
Andrea Peitsch ~ You Can't Drink Christmas Away
Bob Dylan ~ Must Be Santa
Mojochronic ~ Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light)
Grandaddy ~ Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland

Show 12/15

The following program aired on Dec. 15th on WRIU

Dr. Ruth ~ Little Red Riding Hood
Erin Huelskamp ~ Misfortune
Vince Raikhel ~ Mobius Ascent
Nico Muhly ~ Keep In Touch
John Luther Adams ~ Drums of Fire, Drums of Stone
Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody ~ Songs my Mother Taught Me ~ C. Ives
Daníel Bjarnasson ~ Bow To String
Corey Dargel ~ Ritalin
Sam Sadigursky ~ Rain
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Treasure
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble ~ Signals
Chas Smith ~ The Ghosts on Windows
Adrian Knight ~ Pink Pamphlet II
Asphalt Orchestra ~ The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive-Ass Slippers ~ C. Mingus
Univers Zero ~ Apesanteur
Tom Waits ~ We're All Mad Here
Arthur Russell ~ Home Away From Home
Scott Ordway ~ Piano Quintet #1
Eric Nathan ~ Three by Three

Carter special

The following program aired on Dec. 8th on WRIU

Elliot Carter
~ Symphony #1
~ Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Piano
~ Concerto for Oboe
~ Tempo e Tempi
Dave Brubeck ~ Blue Rondo a la Turk
All of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Played At Once
Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800%

Show 033

The following program aired Dec. 1st on WRIU

Max Grafe ~ A Ribbon of Unbroken Sky
Tristan Murail ~ Winter Fragments
Fausto Romitelli ~ Flowing Down To Slow
Steven Gorbos ~ Plunge
Art Jarvinen ~ Murphy Nights
Amy Horvey ~ Marionette Lazarus
Sarah Kirkland Snider ~ Penelope
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ String Quartet #1, 2nd & 3rd mvmt. (Max de Wardener remix)
Steven Mackey ~ Gaggle & Flock
Owen Pallett ~ Flare Gun

Show 031

The following program aired Nov. 17th on WRIU

Jennifer Higdon ~ Violin Concerto
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Hyper-Ballad ~ Björk
Arthur Russell ~ Losing My Taste for the Night Life
Sam Sadigursky ~ Wistful
Newspeak ~ I would Prefer Not To
Nico Muhly ~ One Day Tells Its Tale To Another
Górecki ~ String Quartet #3
Mozart ~ Andentino ~ arr. by Christopher Cerrone ~ perf. by Red Light Ensemble
Frank Zappa ~ The Black Page Suite ~ Calefax Reed Quintet
Tod Dockstader ~ Water Music

Leaving the stream of warm impermanence*

Things have been mighty quiet 'round this spot on the ol' Interwebs dial, but I figured I'd check in and let y'all know what's goin' on.

First of all I'd like to apologize for the lack of playlists. As some of you may know I returned to school this semester and got my first taste of what that does to a person's time. I promise to have the last month's worth of playlists up by next week at the latest, but I need to do a little information gathering before I post them. I'm also planning on doing some updating to the site while on break, including new links and finally adding links for ensembles and performers.

But the big change is I have decided to no longer air my show on the Vineyard station. Music for Internets will continue as usual every Wednesday 10am~12:30 EST on WRIU Kingston, RI but will no longer be available Sunday and Monday online. Instead, I will be focusing my attention on providing podcasts of the show.

Well my fellow Indie-Classical Hipsters™, that's the news of the day. Remember to keep your ears wide open and don't piss on the electric blanket. Trust me.

*For those of you following along at home, yes, I will always make a Bowie reference when there are ch-ch-ch-changes afoot.