11/25/09 playlist

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Charles Ives ~ Thanksgiving

Charles Ives ~ Yale-Princeton Football game
David T. Little ~ Sunday Morning Trepanation
Ted Hearne ~ Patriot

Wet Ink Ensemble ~ Shiverer
Steve Layton ~ Villa of the Minor Apocalypse

Alarm Will Sound ~ Cock/Ver 10
Jacob Cooper ~ Save My Death
Rachel's ~ Water From The Same Source
Pulsoptional ~ Kid Sparkle and the Parliament Prince

Bryan Senti ~ Photostuttering II: In Technicolor
Christopher Cerrone ~ Averno: A Fragment

David Lang Pierced

Marc Mellits ~ Tight Sweater

Beck ~ Harry Partch

11/20/09 playlist

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David T. Little ~ Piano Trio
I: East Coast Attitude
II: On Clouds of Witness
III: On-the-Job Training

Tarik O'Regan ~ Threshold of Night
David Felder ~ Three Lines from 20 Poems
Rachel's ~ Where Have All My Files Gone?

Gabriel Kahane I'm Sorry (from Craigslistlieder)
Moondog ~ Chaconne in G Major
Osso ~ Year of the Dragon (arr. Nico Muhly)
Philip Glass ~ Dracula Enters
Kronos Quartet ~ Kara Kemir

Gavin Bryars ~ One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing

Harrison Birtwistle ~ Five Distances for Five Instruments

George Antheil ~ Ballet Mechanique

A note on playlists

Greetings New Music lovers,

Since I'm now on every week instead of every other I (obviously) have twice as much air time to cover. As a result I'll be making some minor changes to my programming. First, I'll be expanding my primary focus from strictly 21st Century to music of the last 30 years. In addition to that I will be playing some works from outside of that 30 year limit, mostly by personal favorites like Harrison, Riley, Hauer, Ives, and the occasional bit of Gesualdo. (As I type this I'm listening to the wonderful Terry Riley & John Cale disc Church of Anthrax and wondering if it's too much of a Jazz/Rock album to play.) I'm also planning on adding a "Trip to the Vault" feature, dusting off some of the bizarre selections from WRIU's vinyl collection. (Avant-Garde flute works of the 20th Century? Hell Yes!)

So, I'm still committed to bringing you the freshest, hot-off-the-interwebs, Indie Classical/New Music I can find, and will continue to make that the main focus of my show, but now with some "older" music throw in the mix. And really, what's wrong with a little Moondog now and again?

11/11/09 playlist

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Special show promoting the Providence Singers New World Rhythm concert happening November 15th at 3PM in Beneficent Church in Providence.

Lou Harrison ~ Piano Concerto (featuring Keith Jarrett)

Tarik O'Regan ~ The Ecstasies Above

Nico Muhly ~ A Hudson Cycle
                    ~ Etude 1 (performed by Nadia Sirota)
                    ~ The Failed Visit (from The Reader sundtrack)

Philip Glass ~ Metamorphosis I-V for solo piano

Steve Reich ~ Piano Phase

11/06/09 playlist

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Timo Andres ~ Night Jaunt
Stephen Gorbos ~ Footprints
Balmorhea ~ Coahuila
Build ~ No Response

NOW Ensemble ~ All Together Now (comp. by Patrick Burke)
Chris Turner & Peter Wetzler ~ Wounded Harp
Duo 46 ~ four songs by Jorge Liderman
La soledad de la nochada
La mujer, la mi mujer
Un lunes por la maƱana
Nani, nani
Kronos Quartet ~ Flugfrelsarinn (by Sigur Ros)

Neil Goodchild ~ New England Highway
Terry Riley ~ Peace Dance and Turning
Kyle Gann ~ My father moved through dooms of love
Joshua Shank ~ Winter

David Lang ~ Evening Morning Day: Evening Morning Day
Judd Greenstein ~ At the end of a really great day

Robert Honstein ~ Hello World, I Love You
Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music
Steve Layton ~ Strophe/Antistrophe