So what is this Music for Internets anyway?

Simply put, Music for Internets is a Classical radio show dedicated to New Music. The majority of the music heard on the program has been discovered by surfing ye Ol' Interwebs. Many modern composers have content rich websites that enable listeners to stream or download examples of their works. In some cases I will stream directly from a composers website, MySpace, or even YouTube out over the FM airwaves (and subsequently online streaming, to get even more meta) One important feature of this blog is to provide links back to those websites. If you hear something you like on the show, please support new music! Buy a cd. Go to a show. Get the t-shirt (get one for me too please. Mens medium. Thanks ;-) Just always remember that Classical music is not just something that "happened" it's happening.

And just who is this Justin H Brierley?

I am a:
music enthusiast
amateur musicologist
electronic musician
certified ProTools operator
former actor
occasional filmmaker

From 1998~2001 I hosted three different radio shows at WRIU. Close Enough For Jazz which was a free-form jazz show, Rock-it Science which was totally free-form, and Last Century in Jazz, a chronological overview of 20th Century Jazz broken down into 2-6 week segments per decade.

Cut to 2009: My friend and occasional electronic cohort Harrison has been hosting a show of his own at WRIU, and subsequently getting their staff emails. When he noticed that the Classical department was looking for a twice a month DJ he forwarded the message to me. At first I took it as an opportunity to play mostly 20th century works by composers like Ives, Hauer, Webern, Reich, and Riley with a bit of Gesualdo thrown in for fun. Eventually, as I began adding more and more 21st century works to my playlists, I made the decision to switch to all modern composers.

Shouldn't there be a period after the "H" in your name?

Any comments or questions can be sent by adding the old gmail dot com to musicforinternets