Hello all, especially my new New Music Bake Sale friends! Just letting everyone know that Music for Internets will be on a brief two week hiatus, but I will be back on air March 28th for WRIU's annual fundraiser and then resuming regular programming on April 4th. Looking forward to airing all the new goodies I got this weekend!


February 29th, 2012

It's an "extra" day so that sounds like a good reason to play some "extra" crazy music!

So Percussion ~ Credo In Us (UC Davis 10.30.11) ~ John Cage
John Oswald ~ Anon
itsnotyouitsme ~ Bluebird (In My Heart)
Henry Flynt ~ S&M Delerium
Annie Gosfield ~ The Harmony of the Body-Machine
Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers ~ Bijou
So Percussion ~ Bottles 1812 (UC Davis 10.30.11) ~ John Cage


Hey all,

I've been pretty busy with school and the Dockstader project so I've been slacking on posting my playlists. I may be able to reconstruct some of them, but in the meantime I'll just post the most recent show.