Time was running wild on a million dead end streets

Indeed. There be some ch-ch-changes afoot here at Music for Internets.

I've added a links page which currently has 60 composers' websites listed and will soon have ensembles and performers listed as well. One thing this means is the playlists will now only have links when it is a new composer, performer, or ensemble that I have not played on the show before. This not only makes things easier for me, but helps to highlight new additions to the MFI repertoire.

We're still working out some technical kinks for the airing of Music for Internets on WVVY 93.7 LPFM from Martha's Vineyard (and online at wvvy.org) But it will be well worth the wait, since they will be airing the show twice a week! Be on the lookout for big, big announcements when that is up and running.

And two things that are not new, but are more prominently displayed are the "About" page and the link to become a fan on Facebook. If you are already a fan, please take a moment to click the "Suggest to Friends" button.

So, if you haven't been by the site in awhile, take a moment to pop on by. I can't say I'll make you some tea and cakes, but you'll have my eternal love and gratitude.

Until next time, Oh my Pretty Things..

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