Show 021

*note: from now on the Sunday/Monday WVVY broadcast will be the same program as the previous Wednesday's WRIU program except where noted.

The following playlist aired 8/25 on WRIU & 8/29&30 on WVVY

hour 1
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Zomby Woof ~ comp. by Frank Zappa
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ Hip-Hop Remix of 1st Movement of G. Prokofiev's String Quartet #1
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Shard
Timothy Andres ~ Paraphrase on a Theme of Brian Eno
John Luther Adams ~ The Circle of Suns And Moons
Gy├Ârgy Ligeti ~ Melodien
William Brittelle ~ The Color Of Rain

hour 2 on WRIU 8/25
Tristan Perich ~ 1-bit Symphony
Bang on a Can All-Stars ~ 1/1 from Brian Eno's Music For Airports
Eve Beglarian ~ Landscaping For Privacy

hour 2 WVVY 8/29&30
Ricardo Romaneiro ~ : Synthetic Mosaic :
Nico Muhly ~ Clear Music

hour 3
Daniel Bjarnason ~ Processions

WVVY only
Louis Andriessen ~ Symfonie Voor Losse Snare

WVVY playlist 8/22 & 23

Michael Fiday ~ Hands On!
Alarm Will Sound ~ Mt. Saint Michel
Jody Redhage ~ Paint Box ~ comp. by Anna Clyne
David Amram ~ Travels for Trumpet & Orchestra
Lawrence Dillon ~ Entrance
Don Byron ~ Basquiat
Balmorhea ~ En Route
Brian Eno ~ 1/1 ~ perf. by Bang on a Can All-Stars
Annie Gosfield ~ The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory
Tristan Keuris ~ Concertino for String Quartet and Clarinet
Matthew Welch ~ Enantiomorphs
Syzygys ~ Mawashi
Henry Cowell ~ Ongaku
Timothy Andres ~ I Found It By The Sea
DJ Spooky ~ In Sea of C
Robert Wyatt ~ Sea Song
Jack Vees ~ Tattooed Barbie

WVVY playlist 8/15 & 16

Lisa Bielawa ~ Double Violin Concerto
Lou Harrison ~ Suite for Percussion
Perry Goldstein ~ Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Water
William Brittelle ~ Sheena Easton
Jack Vees ~ Stigmata Non Grata
Gabriel Prokofiev ~ 'Crate Diggin' remix of Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
ETHEL ~ The River of Our Times ~ comp. by Amanda Shackleford
Tin Hat Trio ~ Light Black From Pole To Pole
Tom Waits ~ Russian Dance
Mira Calix ~ The Cord Is Cut
Corey Dargel ~ There Is No Cure
Univers Zero ~ Straight Edge
Christopher Cerrone ~ Music For Chameleons
Johnny and Faith ~ Love Without Borders
Gray Code ~ Topsy's Hawser
DBR ~ The Need To Be
Julia Wolfe ~ LAD
Robert Wyatt ~ Alifib/Alifie
Nadia Sirota ~ Etude 1A ~ comp. by Nico Muhly

WVVY playlist 8/8 & 9

David Rakowski ~ Persistent Memory
Jefferson Friedman ~ String Quartet #2
Florent Ghys ~ Simplement
Build ~ Imagining Winter
Erling Wold ~ Mordake
Elliot Carter ~ Sonata for Cello and Piano
Annie Gosfield ~ Four Roses
Mira Calix ~ Bowling4strings
DBR ~ Lava
Tin Hat Trio ~ Osborne Avenue
Phil Kline ~ Exquisite Corpses

ETHEL feature

The following show aired July 28th on WRIU and Aug. 1st & 2nd on WVVY

Tan Dun ~ Pipa Concerto
Balmorhea ~ Bowspit
So Percussion & Matmos ~ Flame
Christopher Stark ~ Augenblick
Asphalt Orchestra ~ Pulse March ~ comp. by Tyondai Braxton
Tom Waits ~ Gospel Train/Orchestra
Maestro Subgum & the Whole ~ Bamboo Guru
Gabriel Kahane ~ Today I met...

Interview with Mary Rowell including the following recordings by ETHEL

Hear My Prayer
The Man Who Knows Misery
The Blue Room III

selections from OSHTALI: (~ composer)
Here's the Hurt ~ Katelyn Duty
Enough ~ Courtney Parchcorn
The Devil's Advocate ~ Katie Barrick

from Truckstop Project:
The Importance of Water
Ray of Son

Lucky's Charm ~ Johnothan Bomboy
The Seven Seas ~ Dylan Bennett
Sigur ~ Stasen Whitehead

Eric Nathan ~ Icarus Dreamt
Polina Nazaykinskaya ~ Winter Bells
Christopher Hobbs ~ Aran
Kyle Gann ~ So Many Little Dyings
Eve Beglarian ~ FlamingO

WVVY playlist 7/25 & 26

Ingram Marshall ~ Soe-Pa ~ perf. by Benjamin Verdery
Lou Harrison ~ Three Pieces for Gamelan and Soloists
Mira Calix ~ Memoryofamoment
Steve Layton ~ Villa of the Minor Apocalypse
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ~ Ptoccata
So Percussion and Matmos ~ Needles
DBR ~ Sonata for Violin and Turntables part 6
Lukas Ligeti ~ Entering: Perceiving Masks; Exiting: Perceiving Faces
Eric Nathan ~ One Voice
John Harbison ~ Exequien For Calvin Simmons ~ perf. by BMOP
Gavin Bryars ~ Cadman Requiem
Michael Gordon ~ Trance
Christopher Cerrone ~ Cornkind

WVVY playlist 7/18 & 19

Ted Hearne ~ Mass for St. Mary's
Eric Nathan ~ Cantus
Steve Reich ~ Electric Counterpoint
Christopher Stark ~ Ignatian Excercises
Julia Wolfe ~ Believing
Balmorhea ~ On The Weight Of The Night
Gabriel Kahane ~ Half a Box of Condoms
DBR ~ Spaceships Over Haiti
Theo Bleckmann & Kneeboby ~ Like A Sick Eagle ~ comp. by Charles Ives
Jeff Snyder ~ Traceries ~ Wet Ink Ensemble
Fred Frith ~ One Never Knows Do One?
Arthur Russell ~ Lucky Cloud
David Lang ~ Slow Movement ~ perf. by Icebreaker
Morton Feldman ~ The Viola In My Life
Ken Ueno ~ On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis
QQQ ~ Swimming Under Moonlight