A brief absence, a strong return, and some thoughts on minimalism

Greetings New Music Lovers,

   Due to holiday scheduling and other personal time conflicts I'm about half-way through a two & a half week absence, however, next week I will be returning with a vengeance. Not only have I been diligently scouring the Interwebs to bring you the freshest, tastiest New Music I can find (and boy-oh-boy do I have lots of new treats for you) but I'll be on the air three times in the next two weeks! Next week I'll be doing my regular Wednesday time slot, and then I'll also be hosting on Christmas morning. And what better way to celebrate the Yuletide than with Icebreaker, NOW Ensemble, and Arthur Russell? I'll then be on again the following Wednesday, and as if that wasn't enough, my friend and colleague Joe Ray will be hosting on the mornings of the 24th & 31st. Joe has a taste for the difficult and obscure, so who knows what goodies he'll bring to the airwaves. Perhaps we'll get treated to some Nancarrow, Stockhausen, or the Plunderphonics of Christian Marclay.


  To paraphrase Milton Babbitt, this next part might have been entitled "Who Cares if You Listen?" I find myself increasingly drawn towards minimalism and ambient works. For example, last night when I got home from work (after being locked in the parking lot for about 20 minutes) I listened to Paul Hillier's version of In C, Bang on a Can's live recording of Music for Airports, and Walled Gardens by itsnotyouitsme. (Incidentally, I think the only thing that could make me more of an Indie-Classical Hipster ™ is if I had listened to GVSU's In C Remixed instead) Anyway, I realized that part of what appeals to me about this music is it gives you the option of listening closely or as background. Finding time to give listening our full attention is difficult, yet I frequently have music on while doing other things. With minimalism and ambient works I find that I can either pay close attention and be rewarded for the effort, or I can check in now and again to find something interesting and wonderful happening.

Justin H Brierley
Indie-Classical Hipster ™

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