09/09/09 playlist

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Sean Shepherd ~ Metamophoses

Kyle Gann ~ Chicago Spiral
Stephen Gorbos ~ Spiral Steps

Balmorhea ~ Night in the Draw
John Supko ~ Into the Night
Matt McBane ~ Synthetic Night

Timo Andres ~ Keeping Things Whole

Nico Muhly ~ Quiet Music
Gregory Spears ~ Quiet Songs
1) Let the Trumpets Bray!
2) Let the Bells Toll!
Judd Greenstein ~ What they don't like (for Chuck D)

David Lang ~ For Love Is Strong
Jody Redhage ~ of minutiae and memory (comp. by Paula Matthusen)
Amy X Neuburg ~ The Tattoo Song
Gabriel Kahane ~ Half a Box of Condoms from Craigslistlieder

Matthew Welch ~ The Self & the Other

Derek Bermel ~ Dust Dances

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