September 5th, 2012 playlist

John Cage's 100th Birthday!!!!!

Music for Internets (of course) had to celebrate Cage's birthday with an all Cage special.

Four Walls: Act I ~ Richard Bunger & Jay Clayton
Sixteen Dances Nos. 10-16 ~ Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Credo In Us ~ So Percussion
Forever and Sunsmell ~ Carla Bley & Richard Bernas
Quartet ~ So Percussion
A Flower ~ Joelle Leandre
Imaginary Landscape #5 (second version) ~ Percussion Group Cincinnati
Williams Mix ~ John Cage
HPSCHD ~ David Tudor, etc.. [Nonesuch recording 1969]
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ John Cage
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ So Percussion
Imaginary Landscape #1 ~ Percussion Group Cincinnati

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