Show 045 vinyl special

The following program aired on March 23rd, 2011 on WRIU 90.3 FM

Special all vinyl show!

Paul Cooper ~ Symphony #4 (landscape)
Christian Wolff ~ For 1,2, or 3 people
Scott Walker ~ Farmer in the City
Harry Partch ~ The Rose
Japanese Bach Scene ~ "Little" Fugue in G minor
Talib Rasul Hakin ~ Placements
Wires Under Tension ~ Electricity Turns Them On
Valgier Sigur∂sson ~ After Four
California Guitar Trio ~ Cathedral Peak
Balmorhea ~ unknown remix
Scott Walker ~ Angels of Ashes
Carl Ruggles ~ Sun-Treader
Art Resnick ~ Makin' Room (Inner City)
Milton Babbitt ~ All Set, for Jazz Ensemble
Conlon Nancarrow ~ Study No. 3c
Tod Dockstader ~ Second Song
Calvin Hamilton ~ Triple Play
Lucia Dlugoszewski ~ Angels of the Utmost Heaven

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