Show 043

The following program aired March 9th, 2011 on WRIU 90.3 FM

Martin Bresnick ~ Just Time ~ perf. by 5th Species
Frank Denyer ~ Two Beacons
Giya Kancheli ~ Time... and again
Max Grafe ~ Reactions
Slow Six ~ Because Together We Resonate
Amy X. Neuburg & the Cello Chixtet ~ Dada Exhibit
Arthur Russell ~ Another Thought
Henri Pousseur ~ At Moonlight, Downland's Shadow Passes Along Ginkaku-Ji
California Guitar Trio ~ Portland Rain
Paul Bailey Ensemble ~ Life's Too Short
Stephen Gorbos ~ Echoes of Amber
Adrian Knight ~ Death of Paneloux
Gary Noland ~ Amerikan Bozo Dance, Op. 32, No. 8
John Luther Adams ~ Burst

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