#NMBS pt. 2

Hello again friends new and old,

I have updated the last few weeks of playlists. If you're new here, take a look around and see how much awesome New Music I play every week. Unfortunately at this time there is no podcast available, so if you want to hear the show you have to do it the old fashioned way: in real time! The show airs every Wednesday at 10am Eastern Time at http://wriu.org/listen.html, just click on the FM Stream. I'm constantly seeking new works to play, so pop over to the "Who wants airplay" tab to learn about how you can submit works. And as always I welcome you comments, questions, and suggestions. My list of links to composers, performers, and ensembles is terribly out of date, but I'll try to get that back up to speed when this semester ends. And of course we're also on ye ol' Facebook, and you can even be my friend!


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