Show 037

Aired Jan. 26th, 2011 on WRIU

David Lang ~ The Little Match Girl Passion
György Ligeti ~ Ten Pieces ~ perf. by 5th Species
Max Grafe ~ Moon Cycles
Janus ~ And the I knew 'twas Wind
Adrian Knight ~ The Tears
Julia Wolfe ~ Four Marys
Eric Nathan ~ Four Sculptures
Tod Dockstader ~ Four Telemetry Tapes
Ingram Marshall ~ Dark Waters
John Luther Adams ~ One The Stays All Winter
Sgt. Pekker (aka Art Jarvinen) ~ (She's Gotten Even Heavier)

Guest DJs David T. Little and Eileen Mack

Christopher Rouse ~ Stheno and Perseus Spell 1 from "Gorgon"
Robert Davidson ~ Tyalgum ~ perf. by Topology
Heiner Goebbels ~ The Horatian
György Kurtag ~ Homage a Robert Schumann

       ~ Brennschluß (Pat Muchmore)
       ~ I Would Prefer Not To (Stefan Weisman)
       ~ In Spite of This (Missy Mazzoli)
       ~ sweet light crude (David T. Little)
       ~ B&E (with aggravated assault) (Oscar Bettison)
       ~ Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI (Caleb Burhans)

[The User] ~ .^.^.^%^%^%
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling ~ First We Take Manhattan
The Teeth ~ Why Aren't You Dancing?
John Zorn ~ selections from Naked City
The Books ~ Tokyo
Simon Bookish ~ Invasion
Carla Kihlstedt ~ Rooting for the Shy Librarian
Michael Gordon ~ Yo Shakespeare ~ perf. by Icebreaker

Show 036

The following program aired on Jan. 12th 2011

Roberto Sierra ~ 2X3
Robert Honstein ~ Patter
John Matthias & Nick Ryan ~ Phineas Gage Remix of Cortical Songs
John Cage ~ 4'33" (Fake Blood's Needle Drop Remix)
Some Over History ~ Edges ~ comp. by Art Jarvinen
Dither ~ Tongue of Thorns ~ Lainie Fefferman
Adrian Knight ~ Metahymn
djBC ~ Einstein on the Beast (Phillip Glass/Beastie Boys mash-up)
Frank Zappa ~ N-Lite
David Lang ~ Simple Mix ~ from In C Remixed
Amy Horvey ~ Cranberry Flats Mobile
Ken Butler ~ Instru-matics
Isabelle O'Connell ~ Reservoir
Charles Mingus ~ Self-Portrait in Three Colors
Matt Marks ~ Kinda (Go To Sleep)
Arthur Russell ~ Being It
Owen Pallett ~ Keep The Dog Quiet
Harry Nilsson ~ Remember Christmas
Randy Newman ~ A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

Art Jarvinen special w/Jack Vees

The following program aired 12/29/10 and 1/5/11 on WRIU

Arthur Jarvinen (1956-2010) left us with a rich and diverse body of of work. His longtime friend and colleague Jack Vees stopped by the show to discuss Art's life and play some of this wonderful music for us. All selections by Art Jarvinen with the exception of the two Captain Beefheart tracks.

Murphy Nights
Toys Do Not Walk And Talk ~ Some Over History
The Vulture's Garden
Goldbeater's Skin ~ 5th Species
Erase the Fake ~ Some Over History
Agent Jerry ~ The Mope
Lick My Decals Off, Baby ~ Captain Beefheart
Bohemioids from the Planet Leisure ~ The Mope
Cheap Suit Tango ~ Some Over History
Serious Immobilities
Blackguy ~ Sgt. Pekker
Queen of Spain
three selections by Kam Fong as Chin Ho
selections from 100 Cadences
Peon ~ Captain Beefheart
two selections by The Mope
Drunk Poets Die Young ~ The Mope

more info about the life and music of Art Jarvinen can be found at the following websites