Art Jarvinen special w/Jack Vees

The following program aired 12/29/10 and 1/5/11 on WRIU

Arthur Jarvinen (1956-2010) left us with a rich and diverse body of of work. His longtime friend and colleague Jack Vees stopped by the show to discuss Art's life and play some of this wonderful music for us. All selections by Art Jarvinen with the exception of the two Captain Beefheart tracks.

Murphy Nights
Toys Do Not Walk And Talk ~ Some Over History
The Vulture's Garden
Goldbeater's Skin ~ 5th Species
Erase the Fake ~ Some Over History
Agent Jerry ~ The Mope
Lick My Decals Off, Baby ~ Captain Beefheart
Bohemioids from the Planet Leisure ~ The Mope
Cheap Suit Tango ~ Some Over History
Serious Immobilities
Blackguy ~ Sgt. Pekker
Queen of Spain
three selections by Kam Fong as Chin Ho
selections from 100 Cadences
Peon ~ Captain Beefheart
two selections by The Mope
Drunk Poets Die Young ~ The Mope

more info about the life and music of Art Jarvinen can be found at the following websites

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  1. Hello - I included this radio show in a recent post about Art Jarvinen on my blog Mixed Meters. The post is called Art Jarvinen's Birthday

    Thank you for playing his music.
    David Ocker