Dec. 21st, 2011 playlist

Christopher Shultis ~ Openings
Henry Cowell ~ Set of 5
Arthur Levering ~ Twenty Ways Upon The Bells
Valentin Silvestrov ~ Four Spiritual Songs
Don Byron ~ Show Him Some Lub
Bruce Gremo ~ Choshi Variations
Frank Zappa ~ Times beach III
Tod Dockstader ~ Snap Sail
                          ~ Pond Dance
                          ~ Holiday Meltdown
Corey Dargel ~ Everybody Wannabe - Removable Parts
Art Jarvinen (as Sgt. Pekker) ~ Golden Shower Curtain Rods
Lisa Miles ~ Lynn's Dance
Elizabeth Brown ~ Loons
Ellen Band ~ Closet Bird
Justin H Brierley ~ Boat Strage Gamelan (manipulation one)
Arthur Russell ~ side one of World of Echo

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