Ground control to lost soul

Hey All,

So I realize that I've been absolutely horrible at keeping this blog updated with playlists, but rest assured, Music For Internets is still going strong and still happening every Wednesday morning 10am~12:30 EST on WRIU 90.3 FM and online at

Ironically, one of the main reasons that I've been such a slacker about posting here is because my show has become a "real" radio show again. Since the beginning of this year I had been pre-recording my shows, mic breaks and all, and simply playing an mp3 disc at the station. This was initially due to the fact that I had a time conflict with one of the classes I was taking, but it also freed me to do other things at the station while my show aired. It also meant that it was really easy for me to post playlists because all I needed to do was open iTunes and see exactly what I had played. This semester I do not have a time conflict and have been re-discovering how fun it can be to go into the studio without a pre-set playlist and simply do my show on the fly.


What's this all about Alfie? This is me publicly pledging to try to do better at posting my playlists. Because really, they're kind of awesome, and you should listen to Music For Internets all the time.

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