Show 048

The following program aired April 27th, 2011 on WRIU 90.3 FM

Tod Dockstader ~ Wail
Balmorhea ~ November 1, 1832
Paul Bailey Ensemble ~ Principle of Sufficient Irritation
Max Matthews ~ Bicycle Built For Two
Scott Walker ~ And Who Shall Go To The Ball?
California Guitar Trio ~ Turn of the Tide
Some Over History ~ Spewl
NOW Ensemble ~ Waiting In The Rain For Snow ~ comp. by David Crowell
Tin Hat Trio ~ Osborne Avenue
Dave Douglas ~ Odyssey
Frank Zappa ~ Buffalo Voice
Syzygys ~ Rimsky Train
Dominic Murcott ~ The Bipolar Shuffle ~ remix of Cortical Songs by John Matthias & Nick Ryan
Henri Pousseur ~ Prospection
Toby Twining ~ Triskaideka Chords
Peter Zummo ~ Sung, Played, Heard
Arthur Russell ~ Tower Of Meaning

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