Final Show: December 25th, 2013 playlist


John Coltrane ~ Greensleeves
Ben Allison ~ Charlie Brown's Psychedelic Christmas
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society ~ Redeye
Yusef Lateef ~ Cry! Tender
Baikida Carroll ~ Miss Julie
Oliver Nelson ~ Stolen Moments
Art Blakey ~ Calling Miss Khadija
Sun Ra ~ Ancient Aethiopia
Syzygys ~ Moroccan Rose
Mat Manieri ~ In Peace
Anubis Leisure Society Orchestra ~ Neurasthenic Holiday
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp ~ Painters & Dance
A Troop of Echoes ~ Sungazing
Microscopic Septet ~ Misterioso
Andrew Hill ~ Dusk


Eric Moe ~ Eight Point Turn ~ BMOP
Andy Akiho ~ No One To Know One
Red Light Ensemble ~ Ives Songs
Roomful of Teeth ~ Amid the Minotaurs
Joseph Byrd ~ Animals
Gregory Spears ~ Requiem
Ingram Marshall ~ Hymnodic Delays
Tod Dockstader ~ Quatermas
Rudolf Escher ~ The Long Christmas Dinner
Maurice Blackburn ~ Christmas Cracker


Bob Dylan ~ I'll Be Home For Christmas
Henry Rollins ~ Twas the Night Before Christmas
Grandaddy ~ Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland
Mr. Bungle ~ Desert Search For Techno Allah
BABYMETAL ~ Doki Doki Morning
Apollo Sunshine ~ Money

Diamond Rugs ~ Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant
Fishbone ~ Slick Nick, You Devil You
Throwing Muses ~ Santa Claus
Pere Ubu ~ Mandy
Tod Dockstader ~ Holiday Meltdown
Hoodoo Gurus ~ Little Drummer Boy (Up the Khyber)
Arthur Russell ~ Maybe She

Kings of Convenience ~ Boat Behind
Combustible Edison ~ Pink Victim
The Residents ~ Rabbit Habit
Bad Lip Reading ~ Gang Fight
Princess Superstar ~ Xmas Swagger
They Might Be Giants ~ Santa's Beard
Bob Dylan ~ Christmas Island

Princess Superstar ~ I Hope I Sell a lot of Records at Christmastime
mojochronic ~ Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light)
Neko Case ~ Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
Harry Nilsson ~ Remember (Christmas)
djBC ~ Do You Want To Know An Intergalactic Secret?
Gil Scott-Heron ~ I'm New Here
Neutral Milk Hotel ~ Two-Headed Boy

The Conversation ~ Broken Psychedelic Angels

December 18th, 2013 playlist

Claire Chase ~ Piece in the Shape of a Square ~ comp. by Phillip Glass
Christopher Bailey ~ Abstraction 2
Dan Visconti ~ Low Country Haze
Paul Lansky ~ Shapeshifters
Gavin Bryars ~ Adnan Songbook
John Supko ~ This Window Makes Me Feel
Eliane Aberdam ~ Tziltzulim
Tod Dockstader ~ Apocalypse

September 4th, 2013 playlist

Paul Moravec ~ Northern Lights Electric
Makoto Nakura ~ After The Forest Fire ~ comp. by Michael Torke
Justin DeHart ~ XY ~ comp. by Michael Gordon
Roomful of Teeth ~ Quizassa
Matthew Welch ~ [-(+/-)] for Three Bagpipes
Mohammed Fairouz ~ Sumeida's Song
Alvin Curran ~ Crystal Psalms 1

August 28th, 2013 playlist

Michael Gandolfi ~ From the Institutes of Groove ~ BMOP
Steven Mackey ~ Ground Swell
Easley Blackwood ~ Suite, Op. 33
Ezra Sims ~ Flight
Ezra Laderman ~ Scenes from an Imagined Life
Cornelius Cardew ~ The Great Learning, Paragraph 7
Henri Pousseur ~ Crosses of Crossed Colors

August 21st, 2013 playlist International Strange Music Day

Peter Zummo ~ Instruments
Raymond Scott ~ The Playful Drummer
Hiroyuki Yamamoto ~ Noli me tangere
The Residents ~ Termites From Formosa!
Chris Washburne ~ Blackjack
John Cage ~ Imaginary Landscape #4
Mr. Bungle ~ Violenza Domestica
Alvin Curran ~ Mango Tango
Chris Stein ~ Right In The Head
Tod Dockstader ~ Electronic Piece #2
Arcane Device ~ Diddy Wop
Gamelan Galak Tika ~ Ssss

August 14th, 2013 playlist The Land of the Rising Sun

On Monday, Rhode Island celebrated "Victory Day," formerly known as "Victory Over Japan Day." In this episode, we fire back by celebrating Japanese composers.

Frank Zappa ~ Bob in Dacron* ~ conducted by Kent Nagano (*in tribute to Bob Lee of Martha's Vineyard)
Takashi Yoshimatsu ~ Digital Bird Suite
Henri Pousseur ~ At Midnight, Downland's Shadow Passes Along Ginkaku-Ji
Somei Satoh ~ Toki No Mon (A Gate Into Infinity)
Jo Kondo ~ A Dance for Piano
Keiko Fujiie ~ Yellow Cow
Hikaru Hayashi ~ A Bee Crosses Over The Strait
Akira Nishimura ~ Matra for Solo Marimba, Solo Timpani, and Five Percussionists
Ichiro Nodaira ~ Arabesque No. 3
Krzysztof Penderecki ~ Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
Tod Dockstader ~ Swell (no Japanese connection, just felt like playing this)
Karen Tanaka ~ The Song of Songs
Kashiwa Daisuke ~ deepblue (12_edit)
Babymetal ~ Doki Doki Morning

August 7th, 2013 playlist

Michael Gandolfi ~ Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra ~ perf. by BMOP feat. Kenneth Radnofsky
Gavin Bryars ~ Planet Earth ~ feat. Holly Cole
Ingram Marshall ~ Evensongs
John Cage ~ Hymnkus
Henry Brant ~ Litany of Tides
Peter Zummo ~ Lateral Pass